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Can you make fire?

Do you know how to make fire?  No really!  I’m talking about making fire without lighter fluid or a fire log?

When my son was in cub scouts, we did a winter camping trip with the troop.  As I was walking through the camp, I saw two of the leaders starting their camp fire with a torch!  I mean the kind of torch that is connected to a propane tank.  WHAT?  WHAT!  WHAT?  I couldn’t believe it.  And they didn’t like me very much after I made fun of them. ;-)

Anyway, making a fire is a skill that everyone needs to know.  And having the right equipment to make fire is important.  I would like to point out two items that you could add to your preps to make fire.  One of the items is reasonably priced.  The other is a little bit more expensive.  But both are really cool.  Watch the videos below for a quick demonstration.

ion Flashlight Firestarter -


Aurora Magnesium Fire Starter 2SA


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