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Prepper Lessons From The Movies:

Todd’s Note: Not too long ago, a reader turned me on to an old movie, Panic in the Year Zero. I was surprised at the lessons that it provided in the form of entertainment. Today, Mic Roland provides commentary and lessons that can be learned from another older film.

Sometimes, old movies contain some helpful reminders for preppers, even if unintentionally. I was reminded of this while watching a fairly obscure made-for-TV movie from 1974. “Where have all the people gone?” starred Peter Graves. The story was surprisingly salient to present-day prepper discussions, even though it was made forty years […]

Alternatives for High Schoolers Who Don't Have Time for Classes

Todd’s Note: The info. presented in this article is not only relevant to high school students who are artist and atheletes, but what about students who don’t believe that education is as necessary as everyone else. Oh my gosh…did I just say that? There are many dropouts who don’t want to finish school because they don’t see the relevance. Or, what about a student who prefers to be out on the farm or ranch or woods? They could do what they enjoy and love, and also finish up their education. The big picture here is that school doesn’t have to […]

INFOGRAPHIC: History of Online Learning

Todd’s Note: Online learning is big business nowadays. And although I haven’t ever taken an online course, those that I know who have say it can be harder than attending a class in a traditional classroom. There are pros and cons to online learning. This infographic provides some below. You can click on the infographic to see it in a bigger form at the original site.

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How to Find the Right Tutor for Your Child

Todd’s Note: This is a question that comes up every year, parents who are concerned about their child’s education will ask if I know of anyone that tutors. When you consider a tutor, you need to think about if you want your child to be tutored in what they are currently learning in school or if they need to go back further and pick up skills that they missed. This can easily happen, in no fault to the teachers, when a child moves from one school district to the next, moving from out of state or even within the state. […]

10 Role Plays to do with Your Soon to Be Kindergartener

Todd’s Note: The best teachers I work with know the value of role playing. Kids need context, examples and modeling. When you role play, you can provide this for them. This article provides some scenarios that you can role play with your child before entering Kindergarten. I feel that some of these scenarios would be good for even First or Second graders. After you read this article, you might be interested in this one as you get your child ready for the new year!

Kindergarten is an exciting time for kids and their parents, but it can also a be […]