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Anyone Can Do it! Fool-Proof Food Storage!

What do you say when people ask you how to get prepared? There are so many ideas floating around in the preparedness community. The two questions I ask are:

How much water do you have stored? How much food do you have in your pantry?

For anyone starting in preparedness, these two areas are the starting points….the starting points!!!!

Water storage is pretty easy. You can stock up on cases of water bottles, clean out 2 litter soda bottles, get a 55 gallon drum and even get a Water Bob that can be deployed in no time!

Food storage is [...]

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Don’t Cast [...]

Bugging Out & Relocating - What to Do When Staying Is Not an Option!

Bugging Out & Relocating

When I started in preparedness, I tried to “take-in” as much information as I could. I still do when it comes to finding articles to post on Prepper Website. But lately, one person in the preparedness community that I have come to really listen to and respect is Fernando Aguirre (aka Ferfal). I think that Aguirre brings experience and insight that many in the United States haven’t experienced, especially when it comes to urban survival and economic collapse. I haven’t finished his first book yet, Surviving the Economic Collapse, but from what I have read, [...]

Friends in Low Places or People You Can Count On When Your SHTF!

I like to minimize risk. I don’t do extreme sports and I don’t usually like to take chances. So, when we decided to visit my eldest son in Branson, MO, who is doing a Summer Project with Campus Crusade for Christ, I made sure the ABS system and Traction Control were fixed, the oil was changed and the tires balanced and rotated on the Griswold mobile! I also double checked my car emergency kit and bought some better jumper cables to leave in the vehicle.

The trip up to Branson was mostly uneventful. We were packed: the wife, two teenagers, [...]


As an elementary assistant principal, I’m around a lot of kids and parents; a ton of moms with kids in Kindergarten. I live in a pretty middle of the road, probably leaning more to the conservative side in speaking of politics. So, knives and men who carry knives aren’t that rare. However, I’m still an administrator in a public school and there are some who might not accept my preferred choice of EDC knife.

My choice of EDC knife is my Leatermen Wingman. I still sometimes carry my Kershaw Shallot with finger flicker, but I just found that I [...]