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Top 10 Prepper Website Posts of All Time!

This summer (2014), Prepper Website hit a sort of milestone. The actual day past me up, but somewhere between droughts, earthquakes, CME’s, war, terrorism and financial collapse, PW linked to its 10,000 article! When you take into account that I post many of the best articles on preparedness, that’s a lot of great content that the Prepper Community is putting out!

In celebration of this milestone, I decided to look back at the articles that generated the most traffic and share them again with you. They are as relevant now as they were then. I hope you enjoy them!


3 Barter Items You Probably Haven't Considered But Will Be Valuable Even If the Poop Doesn't Hit the Fan!

The idea of bartering gets a lot of attention in the Preparedness Community. Many preppers believe that when the SHTF and our economic system crashes, precious metals and bartering will be the system of exchange. As a result, preppers stockpile certain items that might be desired in a post-SHTF world.

There are many lists out there. From time to time, someone comes up with a new list that includes items that others haven’t considered. The thing that preppers need to remember is the difference between “needs” and “wants.” If you want to stockpile items, you should be concentrating on what [...]

The Prepper Website Family of Sites

The Prepper Website Family of Sites


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Top Prepper Websites – A list of top prepper websites ranked by the Preparedness Community. Voters can vote “FOR” their favorite website by clicking on their link on their website. You can also vote “OUT” by clicking on their link on Top Prepper Websites. Visit the popular websites, but visit [...]

Top Prepper Websites - Social Media Edition!

Early on in the life of Prepper Website, I learned that there are many hardcore preppers that don’t like social media. Many feel it gives away too much personal information and hurts OPSEC. I totally understand. But I also believe that if you are doing ANYTHING on the internet, they can track you if they want. They know the websites you visit, the searches you perform, your banking, bills, etc… To really live a life of HIGH OPSEC, you have to completely be off the internet and not even use a cellphone.

So, I know this announcement isn’t for [...]

Altoids Tin: Urban EDC First Aid Kit or My Boo-Boo Kit

One of the things that I like to do when I’m about to walk down the aisle with a groom, is to offer him a few Altoids mints. Most grooms have thrown a few drinks back with his groomsmen and/or if they are a smoker, they’ve been puffing like a smoke stack knowing that they are about to tie the knot or get attached to the ol’ ball and chain. I tell him the first kiss as husband and wife shouldn’t be like kissing an old bar stool. I officiate a lot of weddings and buy a bunch of [...]