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Education After the Collapse

Doomsday Preppers Doesn't Represent Us! (For Non-Preppers)

So, you were watching “The Crazies” on Doomsday Preppers and Googled “preppers” and arrived at Prepper Website…which brought you here (I try not to post on PW).

First, Doomsday Preppers is a TV show. The producers need ratings. If they don’t get ratings, they don’t continue to produce the show. The best way to get ratings is to show a lot of crazy people doing stupid stuff for stupid reasons!

Preppers is a term to describe people who want to be prepared. In reality, who doesn’t want to be prepared? If a hurricane was coming to your city, would you [...]

Pickup Truck Prepping?

Everything you can do right now to NOT be out money is smart! Every prepper should be watching his/her finances carefully and making good decisions, even if that decision is to spend a little now to save a LOT later!

My truck tailgate was stolen this past May. I know the exact date and I know the exact time frame of when it happened! It was Thursday, the 8th. I volunteered to work the district Technology Conference and then had to stop by the store to pick up some cookies for a thing we were having at school. When [...]

Herbal Heaven: Herbal Survival Kits for the Preparedness Community

Herbal Products from The Herbal Survivalist!

The internet is a great thing! It can link you up with people all across the world that you wouldn’t have otherwise met and interacted with. One of those great connections is Nick over at The Herbal Survivalist. Nick has a heart of gold. He is an experienced herbalist and desires to use his knowledge to help others by providing information, including recipes and how-to-videos. But recently, he has started selling his own products. With his experience and desire to help, he is offering his herbal products at a fraction of what others [...]

The Unpredictability of People and What You Can Do About It

People are unpredictable. Sometimes, they zig when you think they are going to zag. Knowing how to read people AND situations is an important part to anyone’s preparedness. This is true if you’re just going to the store or you think there is a potential for a future where people won’t be too friendly. Spending a little time working through scenarios and situations is a great way to start problem solving what you might want to do to help keep yourself or your family safe if the need arises.

About 15 years ago, I started playing online games. I started [...]

Entrepreneurship As A Prepper Skill

Entrepreneurship – a person who starts a business and is willing to risk loss in order to make money.


Every prepper should have a second stream of income. Let me say that again. Every prepper should have a second stream of income! Having multiple streams of income is redundancy. And in our current economic climate, having a little redundancy in our finances is smart!

The fact is that everyone has something that they are good at and in which they could make some money. You might have to be creative. You might need to [...]