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Education After the Collapse

PRESS RELEASE - Education After The Collapse

The Unpredictability of People and What You Can Do About It

People are unpredictable. Sometimes, they zig when you think they are going to zag. Knowing how to read people AND situations is an important part to anyone’s preparedness. This is true if you’re just going to the store or you think there is a potential for a future where people won’t be too friendly. Spending a little time working through scenarios and situations is a great way to start problem solving what you might want to do to help keep yourself or your family safe if the need arises.

About 15 years ago, I started playing online games. I started [...]

Entrepreneurship As A Prepper Skill

Entrepreneurship – a person who starts a business and is willing to risk loss in order to make money.


Every prepper should have a second stream of income. Let me say that again. Every prepper should have a second stream of income! Having multiple streams of income is redundancy. And in our current economic climate, having a little redundancy in our finances is smart!

The fact is that everyone has something that they are good at and in which they could make some money. You might have to be creative. You might need to [...]

The Prepper's Guide to.......Reading Comprehension????

Photo by: Phil

Yeah, you read that correctly! This is not an article on Bug Out Bags, Food Storage, Alternative Power, Firearms or Gardening. This is an article on Reading Comprehension and what I see as a lack of it.

I don’t know if it is a result of our fast-paced lives or that we have become accustomed to bite sized pieces of information in the form of one-liners, puff news articles, Facebook, that we have become visual learners or whatever. But I have noticed that many people don’t read for comprehension anymore. They scan, read the headlines, comment, [...]

The Christian Prepper's Response When the SHTF?!?

Photo by: Takashi Hososhima

Most Preppers are a very caring and giving bunch. But when it comes to a SHTF event, many plan on circling the wagons and taking care of their own. Honestly, I can’t argue with that. I totally understand it. I mean, Preppers are responsible and we sacrifice, make decisions, plan now so that our families can be taken care of if the need arises.

But as a Christian, I have always had this nagging in my heart that I’m not sure if I could turn anyone away who needed my help. It would be really, [...]

What is the Best Kind of Milk for Food Storage?

Photo by: Salim Virji

Todd’s Note: I don’t think the average person realizes how much they utilize milk and dairy products. If you don’t own a milk cow or goat, in an emergency/crisis event, you might quickly wish you had access to some sort of milk. Luckily, there are options for our food storage!

Milk is something that most families consume in generous amounts. However, when it comes to storing it, most of us realize pretty quickly that fresh milk won’t last more than a couple of weeks at most. As a result, milk is often an item [...]