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As an elementary assistant principal, I’m around a lot of kids and parents; a ton of moms with kids in Kindergarten. I live in a pretty middle of the road, probably leaning more to the conservative side in speaking of politics. So, knives and men who carry knives aren’t that rare. However, I’m still an administrator in a public school and there are some who might not accept my preferred choice of EDC knife.

My choice of EDC knife is my Leatermen Wingman. I still sometimes carry my Kershaw Shallot with finger flicker, but I just found that I […]

FREE RESOURCE: Stop Stealing Dreams - Seth Godin

“What people do, quite naturally, is if it’s work, they try to figure out how to do less. And if it’s art, we try to figure out how to do more.” – Seth Godin

Seth Godin is one of my favorite authors. I haven’t read all his books, but I do recommend Linchpin. Although Linchpin isn’t free, he offers many of his books free (the inspiration for offering TPR and Education After the Collapse for free).

I recently ran across one of his Squidoo pages entitled “Stop Stealing Dreams.” The page is dedicated to offer his free resource ebook, “Stop […]

Occupy Texas Schools ?!?

Photo by: Ed Schipul

When I get home from work, I slip on my PREPPER costume, complete with mask and cape and enter the world of preparedness, homesteading, bushcraft, survival, alternative news, liberty-minded thought, etc…. If you are reading this, you know what I mean. If you don’t, keep reading and see if maybe you should explore this world.

In this “alternative universe,” the public school system is really looked down upon. It bothers me at times, but I totally get it…and agree on most points. The only thing that really bothers me is when people say “public schools” […]


Todd’s Note: The word “bullying” gets thrown around a lot in educational circles. In my experience, parents use the word as a “catch-all” to bring attention to an issue at school, issues that are not really bullying, but more of two students not getting along. However, bullying is an issue, it always has been. It’s just that today, when you bring in the aspect of social media, bullying gets taken to another level. In the past, when students were bullied, they could find a safe place at home. But that’s not the case with cyber-bullying. The internet is always on […]

INFOGRAPHIC: Securing Schools


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