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The Prepper's Guide to.......Reading Comprehension????

Photo by: Phil

Yeah, you read that correctly! This is not an article on Bug Out Bags, Food Storage, Alternative Power, Firearms or Gardening. This is an article on Reading Comprehension and what I see as a lack of it.

I don’t know if it is a result of our fast-paced lives or that we have become accustomed to bite sized pieces of information in the form of one-liners, puff news articles, Facebook, that we have become visual learners or whatever. But I have noticed that many people don’t read for comprehension anymore. They scan, read the headlines, comment, [...]

Essential Equipment for a Beginning Beekeeper

Photo by: Sean Winters

Congratulations! You’ve somehow overcome humanity’s instinctive fear of bees and have decided that farming the little guys would be a really good idea. Apiculture can be a fun and rewarding experience and can even net you a tidy profit (or provide you with a great, nonperishable supply of honey for your food storage). However, before you can get your beekeeping hobby off the ground, you’ll need to make some preparations. After all, if you just dive right into it, you’re liable to come away from the experience with some bad memories and a swollen face [...]

3 Backyard Projects You Didn’t Know You Could Do Yourself

The cost of adding a deck to your home averages about $10,600, according to—but did you know it’s not considered a DIY project? It requires advanced carpentry knowledge as well as concrete handling and a number of expensive tools, which knocks it out of the DIY class. Fortunately, there are a number of do-it-yourself projects that can make your backyard more enjoyable, and you may be surprised at how easy they are to carry out.

Create a Natural Playground

Photo by Hans and Carolyn via Flickr

This growing trend trades standard swings and slides for boulders and trees, [...]

A Tale of Two Coaches

Photo by: Jayel Aheram

This story is based on real life experiences…the names are changed to protect the $*#*&^$ (I’m not really using names).

This is a tale of two football coaches. One coach survived the season, the other inspired his players to become champions.

One coach tied everything to football: grades, manners and behaviors. Players earned helmet stickers for great plays during the game. The circle up time after the game was a great time of celebration for hard work. But on report card day, students lined up and received helmet stickers for good grades too. During interactions [...]

The Day Preppers Disappeared

Photo by: David Goehring

“You never know what you had until it’s gone.” The saying is very familiar to those who have lost something or someone of value. For preppers, especially those who are flying solo because their spouse doesn’t believe in preparedness or would think that you finally fell off the deep end, one of the scariest scenarios is if we or our preps weren’t there for our family. What would happen to our families if we just disappeared? Indulge me as I provide a few scenarios.

Scenario #1 – Economic Collapse and Food Storage

Michael started prepping [...]