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Survival Situation? 5 Items to Include in Your Prepper Car Kit.

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Todd’s Note: This guest post discusses keeping and maintaining a car kit. This is a good idea for every vehicle that you own. After reading these ideas, what would you add? What do you carry in your vehicle?

You’ve done the research, made a plan and stocked up on non-perishables, and now your home is a prepper’s paradise. But what if an emergency happens while you’re on the road? Many preppers have created bug-out bags (aka BOBs) to keep in their vehicle for this scenario. Beyond the fairly obvious items like food and water, […]

Night Vision Considerations for Preppers

Todd’s Note: Most preppers agree that owning night vision would be a great addition to their gear. Some might say that it is even a necessary piece! One of the problems that many encounter though is the price point. There are various types and models out there that vary in price and for someone who wants to purchase night vision, this could cause a lot of confusion and wasted money. You should be well informed before putting down the money to own gear that your life might depend on. This guest post by Adam Alm does a great job of […]

Create A Preparedness Infographic - VIDEO

Photo by: Lorraine Santana

I know you’ve seen them…they are everywhere online…including preparedness websites. Infographics are a great way to share information. And now, you don’t have to wait for someone to create something you think should be shared! While I was spending some time on Twitter today, I found this post about creating infographics. The video tutorial shared 2 free pieces of software where anyone can go to create an infographic.

There is so much info. out in the preparedness community just dying for a blank infographic canvas….so without further ado, here you go.



The 2 […]

Don't Smell Like A Beast When The SHTF

A while back (has to be over a year now), I read an article about how many deodorants/antiperspirants contain chemicals that are bad for your body. As a result, many people choose to make their own deodorant.

For those of you who don’t want to go to the trouble of making your own with essential oils, creams and other stuff, I have another option.

A family member gave me a crystal stone a while back. All I had to do was wet it and apply it under my arm. Amazingly, it worked! The bad thing was that the stone was […]

WARNING: Doctors & Data O.M.G.osh!

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Aren’t you a little fed up with all the data collection yet? Information is coming out all the time now about a piece of data that they gather on you here and a piece that they gather there. Where do you think it’s all going? Yeah, I’m preaching to the choir. I know.

I got to see this data collection first hand when I took my son to get the shots that he needs for the next school year. You will be amazed at the some of the questions.

Everything was great until […]