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Teacher Interview Questions

Teachers can be hired anytime of the school year. But the most active time for new hires is May – August. In late Spring, principals receive their allocations for the next year. If they are going to need teachers, the hiring begins. Hopefully, teachers are hired before Summer and the new school year can start uneventful…at least in the personnel department. However, life always seems to happen in the Summer: a spouse gets a transfer, a promotion, a new job outside of education, an unexpected event, etc… can cause the hiring frenzy to start again.

As an assistant principal, I’ve […]

20 Things All Kids Should Know Before Entering Kindergarten

Todd’s Note – If you haven’t been in a Kindergarten classroom in a while, you might have the wrong impression about what they actually do! If you are going on memory, you are probably thinking about extended play time, naps and learning how to share. That is all done, well not the naps, but that doesn’t even touch the tip of the iceberg! Students in Kindergarten are reading books by mid-semester! Yes…you read that correctly!

I know at my school, the Kindergarten teachers work miracles. They start off the year looking like they are herding cats to turning out students […]

16 Ways to Be Sure Your Kids Keep Learning Over Summer Break

Todd’s Note – This is such an issue every Fall. Students come back and need to get the brain working again from being off all summer! A steady diet of video games and TV isn’t the answer. One thing that always suffers is reading. In this article, Part Time Nanny discusses 16 ways to keep your child learning. Read the teaser and then jump to the full story.

Summer vacation is a time for fun in the sun and enjoying freedom from the drudgery of school in the minds of most children. Making sure that they retain some of […]

No More Gun Free School Zones!

Fox news had two Superintendents on today to discuss measures that their districts have taken to arm certain educators on their campuses. One of the superintendents, David Thweat of Harrold ISD, has had this in place since 2007 after the Virginia Tech Massacre. I remember seeing a lot of posts on Facebook about this district right after Sandy Hook. The other superintendent, Kelly Bagget, of Levelland ISD, didn’t waste time coming back from the Christmas break in January to get a committee together to discuss and research the possibility of doing this.

So where other districts are still talking […]

Sandy Hook Elementary Newtown, CT

My thoughts and prayers go out to the families and loved ones of the victims of the shooting in Newton, CT.

As an administrator, I have a few quick thoughts, my perspective on this tragic shooting.

1. There are many “experts” on the TV who have no clue what they are talking about in regards to how security and safety work in our elementary schools. Tighten up too much and parents whine and complain that it takes too long to get to their students lunch or holiday party. Make it too lax, and people who have no business in a […]