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Education After the Collapse

Preparing Your Children for Emergency Situations

Todd’s Note: As an educator, this is a subject that is very close to my heart. Children are very bright and will learn what to do in an emergency. There are plenty of news stories out there where children have come to the rescue of their parents because they were taught what to do. If you have children, take the time to teach these skills.

Photo by: Eric Lewis

Most adults have thought about what they would do in emergency situations, but parents also need to think about what they want their kids to do in an emergency. Children […]

21 Blogs with Advice on How to Create an Emergency Plan for Your Family

From Todd: A while back I wrote an article entitled, EDC for Students. The goal was to give parents ideas on Everyday Carry (EDC) items that elementary students could carry in their backpacks to school. Regardless of the items, looking forward to a time when an EDC or emergency plan is needed requires planning on multiple levels. Thinking about the End of the World or the Zombie Apocalypse might be “sexy” to some. But, when we think about emergencies, we should always think about the most probable, common scenario that could affect our community like fire and storms.

Check […]

Learning Your Land

This article is a guest post by Daphne Nelson. Daphne homesteads in the Northeastern US. With interest growing in self-sufficiency and self-reliance, many are looking to move out of the cities and suburbs to rural communities. Being an experienced homesteader, Daphne points out some of the important things that you can consider. You can also view Daphne’s previous post, Buying a Homestead.

Each environment a person lives in has its pros and cons, but if one knows how to look at the land, and familiarize themselves with their surroundings, a person can survive even in the roughest of environments. Knowing […]

Can you make fire?

Do you know how to make fire? No really! I’m talking about making fire without lighter fluid or a fire log?

When my son was in cub scouts, we did a winter camping trip with the troop. As I was walking through the camp, I saw two of the leaders starting their camp fire with a torch! I mean the kind of torch that is connected to a propane tank. WHAT? WHAT! WHAT? I couldn’t believe it. And they didn’t like me very much after I made fun of them.

Anyway, making a fire is a skill that everyone […]