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When They Come for Your Guns & 80% Lowers

Todd’s Note: The “frontier” was conquered a long time ago. Some of you might say that the frontier could never be conquered, but just explored. However, the spirit of independence that sent people Westward still exists in American’s today, even if it seems to be asleep. This independent spirit molded this nation and even generations later, is hard to remove from the fabric of who we are. Part of this spirit is based on our right to keep and bear arms. Will THEY ever try a gun grab? Will THEY try to crush our American spirit? Many believe just that! […]


I was actually having this same conversation with someone in the district…the part of “we protect everything that is important to us.”


I wrote other relevant articles here and here.



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No More Gun Free School Zones!

Fox news had two Superintendents on today to discuss measures that their districts have taken to arm certain educators on their campuses. One of the superintendents, David Thweat of Harrold ISD, has had this in place since 2007 after the Virginia Tech Massacre. I remember seeing a lot of posts on Facebook about this district right after Sandy Hook. The other superintendent, Kelly Bagget, of Levelland ISD, didn’t waste time coming back from the Christmas break in January to get a committee together to discuss and research the possibility of doing this.

So where other districts are still talking […]

Building Resilient Communities – Connect – It’s Easy!

The lone wolf is dead. From what I have read (and agree with), the majority of articles that refer to a SHTF scenario mention the importance of seeing crisis through in a community of like-minded people. This is easier said than done because I also see a lot of questions or requests for help on “how can I find a prepper group” or “find people who believe in preparedness?”

I recently wrote about my experience with meetups. You can also link up with groups on Facebook and websites like – Prepper Groups or even watch from a distance on websites […]

Sandy Hook Elementary Newtown, CT

My thoughts and prayers go out to the families and loved ones of the victims of the shooting in Newton, CT.

As an administrator, I have a few quick thoughts, my perspective on this tragic shooting.

1. There are many “experts” on the TV who have no clue what they are talking about in regards to how security and safety work in our elementary schools. Tighten up too much and parents whine and complain that it takes too long to get to their students lunch or holiday party. Make it too lax, and people who have no business in a […]