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Education After the Collapse

Why You Should Store Emergency Supplies at Work

Stockpiling emergency supplies in your home is a smart decision. But what if you’re at work and you suddenly find yourself in desperate need of a simple 72-hour kit? It won’t do you much good if it’s sitting in your kitchen pantry.

Most people spend a significant amount of time at work each weekday and some even do so on weekends, so there is a chance that emergencies could strike while you’re away from home.Here are a few situations that you should be prepared for at work:

Cut Off –What if an earthquake, flood, or other hard-to-predict natural disaster suddenly […]

Guest Post:How to Mentally and Physically Prepare Your Kids for Disaster

Those who are concerned about a coming social and governmental collapse are frequently dismissed as kooks by outsiders. However, there is plenty of precedent in history for massive social collapses that occurred very quickly.

One mysterious collapse that has haunted many is the collapse of the Mayan empire in the Yucatan peninsula. Apparently that collapse happened over a 5 or 10 year period and nobody really knows what happened. Their society was very advanced yet it suddenly fell apart. All their buildings were deserted.

Those of us who are in the know can see the signs of something liked that […]