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Education After the Collapse

Falling Down

I had some bad heartburn this week. The kind of heartburn that makes you think “this just can’t be gas.” It was so bad that the smell of strong garlicy spaghetti sauce in the teacher’s lounge made me feel like I might have to double over in pain. Maybe that was psychological…maybe I’m just psycho, but I’m telling you it happened. Nothing worked! And I tried everything!

I found relief one evening in a strawberry milkshake. Yeah, yeah…all the bad stuff. I don’t care, I was dying.

But then, the milkshake was so […]

This Present Frustration

Photo by: Marvin Lee

For the longest time I thought it was just me. At times I feel like I’m on the edge, walking the fine line of “surely people can’t be so stupid” and “maybe I’m reading too much into this.” Life goes on; work, kids, sport practices, taking out the trash, paying the bills, it’s all the same. But there is a subtle change, maybe not subtle for others, but I’m starting to sense it more and more. The crowd is getting frustrated.

You’ve been there before, standing in line at the premier of the movie you’ve […]