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A Non-Prepper’s Guide To Prepping

Photo by: Mark Rain

Natural and man made disasters are seemingly unavoidable on a daily basis. David Gutierrez writes in his article in in 2008 that Oxfam has released a report indicating the earth experienced about 500 natural disasters annually, as compared to 120 annually in the early 1980’s.

Emergency prepping has never been so valuable as it is today. Not having the drive to prepare for the worst case scenarios that will likely happen may just put you in doom when uncontrollable enormous disasters strike. Your preparedness for unexpected disasters will ultimately be invaluable to your safety [...]

Four Tips to Prepare Your Motorcycle for an Emergency

If the worst happens and a catastrophic emergency takes place, you want both your home and your mode of transportation to be fully prepared. For people who own motorcycles, there are a number of emergency prepping steps to take that will help your bike become a two-wheeled survival machine.

The following four tips can help motorcycle owners get their bike ready and able to take on any emergency:

Think lubrication

As Prepper Link notes, keeping a high revving vehicle like a motorcycle properly lubed is paramount. If and when an emergency takes place, you want to be sure your [...]

The Unpredictability of People and What You Can Do About It

People are unpredictable. Sometimes, they zig when you think they are going to zag. Knowing how to read people AND situations is an important part to anyone’s preparedness. This is true if you’re just going to the store or you think there is a potential for a future where people won’t be too friendly. Spending a little time working through scenarios and situations is a great way to start problem solving what you might want to do to help keep yourself or your family safe if the need arises.

About 15 years ago, I started playing online games. I started [...]

Survival Situation? 5 Items to Include in Your Prepper Car Kit.

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Todd’s Note: This guest post discusses keeping and maintaining a car kit. This is a good idea for every vehicle that you own. After reading these ideas, what would you add? What do you carry in your vehicle?

You’ve done the research, made a plan and stocked up on non-perishables, and now your home is a prepper’s paradise. But what if an emergency happens while you’re on the road? Many preppers have created bug-out bags (aka BOBs) to keep in their vehicle for this scenario. Beyond the fairly obvious items like food and water, [...]

5 Tips to Frugally Prepare

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Todd’s Note: For those of us paying attention to the economy, saving money and being frugal is crucial. The more money we can save, the more money we can spend on items that NEED to be purchased. The trick here, is to reuse, recycle and think about how we can use items in multiple ways. This post touches the surface of things we should do and acquire that can save money. What else can you think of?

When planning for the worst, it is easy to spend a lot of money. In fact, some [...]