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The Prepper Letters: How to Ease Family Members into Preparedness

To: sallyjoeTX@******.com

From: julie79@*****.com

Subject: Thinking about you.


Hi Aunt Sally,

Thank you so much for the canning resources. After reading the articles and watching the video, you are right, it doesn’t seem that hard. I’m just going to have to get my hands dirty. The thing keeping me from trying this though is the price of the All American pressure canner. I’m going to save up to make sure I get a good one. But I did buy a Ball Canning Starter Kit to leave on the kitchen counter to remind me of my goal of saving for […]

3 Trends in Preparedness and How You Can Get On Board!

As I read articles to link to on Prepper Website and then see what is popular in the stats, I like to identify patterns and trends. For example, I know now that any article that discusses “BUGGING OUT” is usually going to do pretty well. I don’t know why that is since bugging out is one of the low possibility scenarios. You are more likely to “BUG IN” and “SHELTER IN PLACE.” Yes, if the zombies come and your city is run over, you will want to “BUG OUT” and live the WALKING DEAD in real life! But, you […]

How to Find a Prepper Group Near You and Precautions that You Need to Take While You Meet!

You Prep. You Research. You Plan. You Interact Online.

At some point you’re going to want to have some human interaction, at least if you’re normal. I know I did and I still do.

Now, I know that some of you are screaming at your computer screen…. WHAT ABOUT OPSEC??? I’ll talk a little bit about that at the end of this article.

But the fact is, you can really benefit from human interaction with other preppers.

1. You can learn skills – Reading articles online and watching videos are great! We live in a time where there is […]

The Prepper Letters: Thinking About You and How to Can to Eat Healthy and Save Money

To: sallyjoeTX@******.com

From: julie79@*****.com

Subject: Thinking about you.


Hi Aunt Sally,

How are you? It’s been so long since I’ve talked to you. I think the last time was at the reunion at my parents place a year ago. I had such a good time listening to all the old family stories. I hope we get to do it again soon.

Scott was switching the channels last night and started watching a show about preppers. One of the ladies on the show was canning her own vegetables. I thought about the canned peaches you took to the reunion. Those […]

The World is Going Crazy

Take a deep breath, relax, hug your loved ones. It’s going to get even more crazy…but that’s why we prep!

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