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Education After the Collapse

The Unpredictability of People and What You Can Do About It

People are unpredictable. Sometimes, they zig when you think they are going to zag. Knowing how to read people AND situations is an important part to anyone’s preparedness. This is true if you’re just going to the store or you think there is a potential for a future where people won’t be too friendly. Spending a little time working through scenarios and situations is a great way to start problem solving what you might want to do to help keep yourself or your family safe if the need arises.

About 15 years ago, I started playing online games. I started [...]

The Day Preppers Disappeared

Photo by: David Goehring

“You never know what you had until it’s gone.” The saying is very familiar to those who have lost something or someone of value. For preppers, especially those who are flying solo because their spouse doesn’t believe in preparedness or would think that you finally fell off the deep end, one of the scariest scenarios is if we or our preps weren’t there for our family. What would happen to our families if we just disappeared? Indulge me as I provide a few scenarios.

Scenario #1 – Economic Collapse and Food Storage

Michael started prepping [...]

Panic in the Year Zero

A reader sent a Youtube link to me of an old black and white movie called Panic in the Year Zero. It was released in 1962. I normally don’t watch old black and whites, but I hit play while I was doing other stuff online. As I was listening to the video, I heard some dialogue that peeked my interest so I switched over to watch it. I was surprised to hear some of the same stuff that I read when I’m looking for those excellent article to link up on Prepper Website. As I watched the movie, I opened [...]

Prepping to Teach Skills to Your Group

Photo by: Abdul Rahman

Recently, I have had a couple of interactions with others where I just didn’t understand where they were coming from. They started talking and sharing a situation, but I needed background info. and needed them to backup to understand what they were talking about. I like to see the big picture and then narrow in on the subject. But not everyone is like that. It got me to thinking about teaching preparedness skills. You might not be a classroom teacher, but you might need to teach skills one day.

Bare with me as [...]

What Would You Do with More $$$ - Micro-Businesses for Extra Streams of Income

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I really believe that as the economy continues to drag along towards an inevitable decline, that anything a prepper can do to shore up their income streams will be a valuable asset to their financial security. You can’t and shouldn’t depend on your day to day job! Yes, you should work hard, be an asset to your company, desire to move up, etc… But you should also think of other ways you could bring in income. You should, like so many other preppers have already done, consider a micro or small business to supplement [...]