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Education After the Collapse

Confession of a Bad AP

3rd, 4th & 5th graders tested today. I covered the class, while the teacher was away. As I walked around and monitored the class, My mind wandered on how the time I should pass. An idea finally came on what I should do. Wads of paper I made and then they flew! Over the bookshelf to the other room, on the teacher’s desk, but there was no BOOM! Just a trail of paper wads, that is a fact. I was not suspected, no, not about that! Cause move on I did, and this poem I wrote. Rhyming and smiling […]

Clear Communications

Photo by: U.S. Army

Have you ever felt like you were giving someone instructions and they just didn’t get it. Maybe you thought that the person you were giving instructions to was a moron. But maybe the problem was you! You might not have been clear enough in your instructions. Clear communications is the key to so many relationships. I want to share a little strategy that might WILL help you communicate more clearly. It is so simple that you will let out a big “duh!” But sometimes the most simple things make the most impact.

Here it is… […]

Fearless Parent Relations

When I was in the classroom, I emailed parents every week with what was going on and any other important info. that they needed to know. I was told by some teachers that I was asking for trouble. But I never really experienced any issues. Instead, parents were appreciative and I believe that it did wonders for my parent communications.

Joli, over at The Fearless Classroom has a great post on Parent Relations. She shares all the many ways that she communicates with parents. Any administrator would think this is awesome! Many teachers won’t be able to imagine how to […]

Teacher Interview Questions

Teachers can be hired anytime of the school year. But the most active time for new hires is May – August. In late Spring, principals receive their allocations for the next year. If they are going to need teachers, the hiring begins. Hopefully, teachers are hired before Summer and the new school year can start uneventful…at least in the personnel department. However, life always seems to happen in the Summer: a spouse gets a transfer, a promotion, a new job outside of education, an unexpected event, etc… can cause the hiring frenzy to start again.

As an assistant principal, I’ve […]

Sandy Hook Elementary Newtown, CT

My thoughts and prayers go out to the families and loved ones of the victims of the shooting in Newton, CT.

As an administrator, I have a few quick thoughts, my perspective on this tragic shooting.

1. There are many “experts” on the TV who have no clue what they are talking about in regards to how security and safety work in our elementary schools. Tighten up too much and parents whine and complain that it takes too long to get to their students lunch or holiday party. Make it too lax, and people who have no business in a […]