The Prepper Website Family of Sites


The Prepper Website Family of Sites


Prepper Website – An aggregator of the very best preparedness articles on the internet.  Prepper Website is updated daily.  You can also subscribe to the newsletter and get direct links to every article posted the day before.  To subscribe – click here.

Top Prepper Websites – A list of top prepper websites ranked by the Preparedness Community.  Voters can vote “FOR” their favorite website by clicking on their link on their website.  You can also vote “OUT” by clicking on their link on Top Prepper Websites.  Visit the popular websites, but visit the lesser known websites too.

Ed that Matters – My personal blog.  I write on matters of preparedness and at times, education.  I try to approach articles from different perspectives.  Don’t miss an article, you can subscribe to the newsletter by clicking here.  For subscribing, you will get a FREE Family Emergency Contact PDF that you can save, edit and print out for the whole family.

Totally Homestead – An rss feed aggregator of Homesteading blogs.  You can visit Totally Homestead and see all the newest articles posted on your favorite homesteading websites.

Your Preparedness Story – A website for The Preparedness Community to post their own articles, pics, recipes, tips, etc… You don’t have to create your own website or wait to hear back from a website owner to get your article posted.  On YPS, you post articles yourself.  There is a video tutorial on the top of the front page that shows you how to post your own content.  All the posts go out to Prepper Website social media channels.  If a post seems relevant to Prepper Website readers, articles might be posted there too.  To be informed of new articles on YPS, subscribe to the newsletter – click here.

Prepper Small Biz – This site was created to support small preparedness businesses.  It doesn’t matter if they are online or local, you can find preparedness businesses on PSB by categories.  You can also find reviews on certain preparedness related gear and equipment.

The Preparedness Review – A Bi-Annual eReview (Spring & Winter) for the Preparedness Community.  You will find some of the best articles written by well-known preppers on the internet.  The idea is that TPR will contain articles that you will want to have if the internet is not around anymore.  Click here to download past issues.  If you want to subscribe to the newsletter, you can subscribe on the TPR homepage.  Newsletter subscribers find out about new issues first!

Top Prepper WebsitesSocial Media – This site works exactly like Top Prepper Websites.  However, the focus is on the social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and Youtube. – Yeah – this one is probably not going to make the cut! 😉

One AWESOME Article – This site is the place where you can sign-up to receive one AWESOME survival/preparedness article in your email daily.  If you haven’t signed up, do it today to receive one awesome article!

Page 2 News – For Those Keeping An Eye on Things – A sub-domain of Prepper Website, Page 2 News pulls in current news in the categories of collapse, pandemic, Liberty Movement, 2nd Amendment, stock market, war, Middle East, conspiracy, border, revolution, gold and silver and terrorism.  The site updates daily.

Frugal Living – Page 3 – I believe that as the economy continues to tank, that people will look for ways to save money and cut costs.  This page on Prepper Website is dedicated to providing the feeds to websites that focus on frugal living.  At the bottom, you will also find 3 Google News Feeds: DIY, Spend Less, Frugal Eating


This article first appeared on Ed That Matters.

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I'm the owner/editor of Prepper Website, a DAILY preparedness aggregator that links to the best preparedness articles on the internet. I'm also a public school administrator and a pastor. My personal blog is Ed That Matters, where I write about preparedness and from time to time, education. Connect with me on one of my social media outlets below.

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8 thoughts on “The Prepper Website Family of Sites

  1. John G. G.

    Hey Todd thanks for all your efforts!!! The information you make available, so easily is without comparison. Kudos to you my friend and keep up the good work.
    GOD bless!!

  2. Steve

    Hey Todd, I’m new to being a prepper but not to outdoors life. What can you point me too for begging this on a very cheap budget, but planed growth, like some type of check list, or should haves etc?

    1. Todd Sepulveda Post author

      Hi Steve,

      I would say that the most important thing is to do a needs assessment and make a plan. The lat thing you want to do is start making a bunch of purchases of things you don’t need, especially if you are on a budget. The basics: food, water, shelter, defense are important and you should look to those first.

      I have a page where you can research any prepping topic –

      I would probably start off by checking this page out though – and

      Also look up the “frugal” tag here –

      JWR has a “List of Lists” on the left side of his blog – that is useful.

      I hope that helps!


  3. SG

    Just stopping by to say I’m enjoying your new podcast and stream it on my work commute. Thanks for pushing the boundaries yet again and making it even easier to be prepared.


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