10 Alternatives to Saying No to Your Child

Todd’s Note – I don’t want to come across like a girlie man here…  As an educator, I think we baby kids too much sometimes.   I often get parents calling me and telling me that their child is reporting to them that their teacher is yelling at them.   Well, I know that is not true because I walk the areas ALL THE TIME and if a teacher was yelling at kids, I would hear it and then the teacher would hear it from me!  What is really happening is that teachers are being firm and using a firm voice and kids aren’t used to that.  When did we become so wimpy?

Now, just like teachers use different strategies to teach skills, parents need to have strategies to say “no” to their child.  Although I don’t think there is anything wrong with telling a child “no,” in fact I don’t think we say it enough, here are some alternatives that might help switch it up.

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Results of a study published by Redbook magazine found that the average toddler hears the word “no” up to 400 times each day. Sources cited in their research also showed that kids who are repeatedly subjected to the word “no” without further explanation tend to have less advanced language skills than peers who experience positive feedback. Rather than subjecting your child to a barrage of negative words, experts like author Howard Gardner suggest that you adopt more positive redirection techniques. These 10 phrases can help you say no to your child without actually responding negatively.

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