10 Common Sense Things You Should Be Doing RIGHT NOW!

  • Lay in a supply of postage stamps. Alot of things can still be done using the mail. Your outgoing and incoming mail are ideal for social distancing and obtaining supplies… especially items that are hard to find at retailers, even during normal times. Purchase stamps using the mail or online.
  • Take advantage of curbside grocery pickup. This is a no brainer. Find a store that allows you to assemble an order and pay online, for pickup at a designated time. This allows you to strategically think about what to buy.
  • Devise a method to make bread. If you have a bread machine, get it out and set it up for use. You need flour, sugar, yeast, oil and salt.
  • Plant, and prepare to plant, vegetables. If you have a lawn, you can grow vegetables. If you have a deck or patio, you can grow vegetables. Seeds, water, sunshine and work.
  • Get some bleach and learn how to use it. Bleach is a powerful disinfectant. You can substitute dry bleach if necessary: “Pool Shock”
  • Setup a place to isolate a sick person. They need a separate place to lay down, with as much isolation as possible. Stock it with some water, a bucket and easy-to-eat food.
  • Fill the gas tank of your vehicle. A working vehicle with a tank of gas gives you options… Including a temporary place to shelter in the extreme circumstance of a house fire, or other disaster.
  • Store some water. You can’t store too much water. Empty pop bottles are perfect for this application.
  • Buy a solar panel. There are all kinds of inexpensive setups available made for charging handheld devices and flashlights. This gives you options if the power cuts out.
  • Eat healthy and exercise. You don’t want to go anywhere near sick people at a health care facility now.


Author Bio: Michael from Michigan is a long time prepper, gardener and family man.

This article first appeared on Ed That Matters.

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