10 Science Projects to Boost Investigative Skills in School-Aged Children

Critical thinking skills and an inquisitive mind are important skills for every child.  Parents can help to foster these skills at home by providing opportunities for learning while doing hands-on investigations.  The article below will provide you with 10 Science projects that you can do at home.

Science sparks curiosity in even the youngest children, but as your children get older, they are ready for more complex experiments and concepts. Encourage them to explore the things that they love, but also set them up to explore things that are unknown to them. By creating a safe environment in which they can explore, you are setting them up to ask questions and investigate even further! Here are a few projects to get your young scientist involved.

  • Magic ink – Using lemon juice, write a message on a piece of paper and let it dry. To reveal the message, hold the paper over a light bulb and watch as the message magically appears again! The heat from the bulb will react with the lemon juice and turn it brown, making it visible on the paper!
  • Hover craft – You can make your own hover craft with an old CD, a bottle top (sports type) and a balloon. Use hot glue to attach the bottle top over the hole of the CD, making sure to leave the CD hole open. Once the glue has set, blow up the balloon and place over the bottle cap. When ready, release the balloon and watch the CD hover above the surface. Ask your child how they think it works, then research hover crafts together.


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