10 Ways to Help Your Child Adjust to Wearing Glasses

Todd’s Note: This article hits home as an educator and a parent.  As an educator, I have dealt with many parents who were concerned that their kids had to start wearing glasses and the teasing that would follow.  Because I knew they needed them, I tried to always remind reluctant students to wear them and I monitored closely if anyone started in with teasing.  As a parent, I didn’t have as much of an issue with my kids wearing them at home, except when my oldest had to patch.  The real issue was finding them everywhere but in the case, having to replace broken frames and getting eye tests and new glasses every year!

This article is a helpful one for parents.  I would add an eleventh way – Ask the school nurse or counselor to have a “Glasses Party.”  This has been done in schools where they invite all the students who wear glasses to a “party” to discuss wearing their glasses and taking care of them.  Students get to meet others who are wearing glasses and they don’t feel so weird by doing so.


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Many common vision problems are easily corrected with glasses or contact lenses, leaving the patient in question with improved sight and better equipped to take on the world. Since patients of the smaller variety are generally not considered ideal candidates for contacts, however, kids are generally restricted to corrective lenses in the form of eyeglasses. At such a delicate time in your child’s life, being forced to wear these oft-maligned accessories can be a downright traumatic experience. With the proper preparation and plenty of patience, however, you can help your child adjust to wearing glasses with minimal fuss or despair. These ten tips can help your little one get used to her glasses in no time, making life easier for everyone involved.

  • Prepare in Advance – There will almost certainly be a period of at least a few days between receiving the news that your child needs glasses and their completion, since the lenses and frames will have to be created and assembled. Use that time to talk about getting used to new glasses, but keep your tone as matter-of-fact as possible.
  • Give Her Some Control Over the Situation – A child will be more eager to wear her glasses when she’s had a bit of control over the situation and can take ownership of her new accessory. Let your child take part in the frame selection process, so that she’s wearing something she likes rather than having glasses she doesn’t care for foisted upon her.


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