2014 Predictions – List Of

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Updated: 1/2/14

As I did last year, I like to find and read predictions for the next year.  2014 seems to carry some doozies, but mostly boring…if you believe the predictions.  Here you go.  This list will be updated as I come across new articles.  The newest ones will be at the bottom:

Added 12/26/13

Survival 5 x 5 – Predictions 2014

The Economist – The World in 2014 – Various articles on different aspects of society.

Forbes – Housing Outlook 2014: 10 Predictions From The Experts

CNBC – Trader Talk w/ Bob Pisani – My 2014 predictions: Try not to be boring!

Yahoo News – Dr. Marc Faber’s three bold predictions for 2014

WSJ – Karl Rove (Oh Brother) – My Fearless Political Predictions for 2014

Barbara Goldsmith – Astrology – (Whack Job or Some Truth?) – Predictions for 2013-2014

ZeroHedge (link) – Saxo Bank’s 10 Outrageous Predictions For 2014

Mail Online – ‘World could be plunged into crisis in 2014’: Cambridge expert predicts ‘a great event’ will determine course of the century

The Atlantic – 5 Expert Predictions for the Global Economy in 2014

 Added 12/27/13

Activist Post (via Daily Sheeple) – 10 Predictions For 2014

 Alex Jones – VID: 2014 Is A Key Year

Added 12/28/13

The Telegraph – VID: What will be the biggest threats in the next 10 years?

Added 12/30/13

PakAlert Press – Gerald Celente – Top Ten Trends 2014 – A Year Of Extremes

Daily Sheeple – Not necessarily predictions – New Laws for the New Year: What’s Coming in 2014

Added 12/31/13

Peak Prosperity – Chris Martenson – The Trends to Watch For in 2014

Added 1/1/14

Personal Liberty Digest – My Top 5 Can’t-Miss Predictions For 2014

Activist Post (via The Daily Sheeple) –VID:Bill Still’s Outlook for 2014

Prepper Resources – 10 Events Which Will NOT Occur In 2014

Shenandoah – Predictions for 2014 Print Edition

 Added 1/2/14

End Times Ministry – VID (59 min.) – What to Expect In 2014 (Big push for donations)

 Survival Joe – Four Blood Moons on Jewish Holy Days in 2014/2015 – What Do They Mean?

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4 thoughts on “2014 Predictions – List Of

    1. Todd Post author


      You would think that if they were making predictions for 2014, that they would link to their predictions from 2013. 😉


  1. jennifer brennan

    Hi There I live in Australia and have just read about Edward Snowden and the prediction of a solar flair .To say the least it scared the crap out of me .I am an arm chair prepper.I feel in Australia we are pretty well protected from the rest of the world.But no one is protected with a solar flair.There is no mention of this prediction He has a film out I was a did not buy it because of purchasing things over the internet with a credit card[I would have if pay pal was involved]Has anybody seen this film ,I would be interested to know your views kind Regards The Arm Chair Prepper LOL

    1. Todd Post author

      Hi Jennifer,

      Thanks for checking out Ed That Matters! I haven’t heard a lot about the Snowden Flare. Or if I did, I simply didn’t pay attention because I don’t know how anyone, including the US government, could know of a future flare. We get a little notice, a few days, because people are watching the sun. But I don’t believe anyone can predict flares. Here is a link stating that the Snowden flare was a hoax.



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