2015 Predictions – List Of


Todd’s Note: This is the 3rd year that I have compiled lists of predictions.  Click here for 2013 & 2014.  I add to this list as I find articles, so check back often.

Last Updated: December 28, 2014 – Newest at the Top!

STICKY3 Trends in Preparedness and How You Can Get On Board! – (Not necessarily predictions, but trends I see) – Todd Sepulveda (Ed that Matters)

VID: 2015 Predictions – A Rhyme – (Fun & glad I found the channel) – YouTube – ChangeDaChannel

Our predictions for 2015 – WND

Nine education predictions for 2015 – The Washington Post

15 Intrepid Predictions For 2015 – Forbes

Spiceworks 2015 Predictions: It’s the Future. Now Where’s that Hoverboard?– VMBlog

EconoMeter panelists peer into 2015 – U-T San Diego

Psychic Predictions for 2015 – A Psychic’s View…

Culture War Predictions For 2015 – Roosh V

4 Expert Predictions for the Global Economy in 2015 – The Atlantic


End Time Prophecies – I Saw the Light Ministries


POD: Bold Predictions for 2015 By Prophecy Expert John Hogue – Fox (Alan Colmes)

10 Things That Will Rock the Tech Market in 2015 – Yahoo

15 Predictions for Asia in 2015 – Huffington Post

20 Green Predictions for 2015 (Humor) – Huffington Post


2014 Review and 2015 Predictions – Miles Franklin

3 Predictions to Look Forward to in 2015 -Investor Place

Pisani’s 2015 predictions: Anything but boring – CNBC


2015 Predictions- Doom is ALWAYS 6 Months Away – Don’t Tread on Me

15 Unexpected Things to Expect in 2015 – Future Search

The Burning Questions For 2015 – ZeroHedge

Housing Outlook 2015: 11 Predictions From The Experts – Forbes

Predictions for 2015: Power to the People – Wired

Paul Craig Roberts Stunning 2015 Predictions – At Any Time The West Can Collapse – King World News

2015 timeline contents (list) – Future Timeline.net

The Early 21st Century: 2015 (Part One) – New Prophecy.net

Cyber predictions for 2015 – USA Today

Six Business Intelligence Predictions For 2015 – Forbes

9 Successful People Share Their Predictions For 2015 (This one is overly positive) – Business Insider

Craig’s World Psychic Predictions for 2015 – Your Psychic Family

10 TRENDS for 2015 – Trendwatching.com

21 Digital Marketing Trends & Predictions for 2015 – Top Rank Blog

Top 10 Nostradamus Predictions for 2015 – Before It’s News

Forward 150: 2015 – Imaging the Internet – Elon University School of Communications


You might do better with this though – Magic 8 Ball


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6 thoughts on “2015 Predictions – List Of

  1. Dare Tuitt

    If you really want to know the future, read the Bible. It is God’s Word to us and how He communicates directly to us. The Lord’s Word proves He exists and communicates to mankind. How does God authenticate His message? Through fulfilled prophecy (hat tip to Chuck Missler), and 100% accurate. That is why nearly a third of the Bible is about prophecy, most of it regarding Jesus’ first visit and sojourn on Earth and His return to Earth. As we leave 2014 behind, we are closer than ever to His Return. Are you prepared to meet Him? If you are not a believer in Christ and accept Him as your Lord and savior, all your preps will be for naught and you will miss eternal life in Heaven. If you do believe, keep preparing for the “birth pangs”, and the soon return of Jesus!

      1. Samantha Stauf

        I’m not sure how I feel about the accuracy of the bible. A bit of a non-believer, I’m afraid. I prefer to deal with the current circumstances based on science, so I do really appreciate these predictions Todd. 🙂

        Might need to start keeping an eye on other religious predictions though. Don’t want to discount potential information. Not a great way to be prepared.

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