Are You Prepped For A Kill Shot?

This Could Have Been Bad – Solar Kill Shot

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I noticed a curious title on Suspicious Observers latest video and took a few minutes to watch it.

Ben mentioned that the Sun let off an X class solar flare that was “Titanic” and if it was pointed towards Earth, would have been a kill shot.  He said, “it would have had me sending you to the store for supplies if it had come this way.” 


It had me thinking about how I would respond if the solar flare would have been pointed our way.  What would you do?

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Not Doom Porn


The thing with Ben and Suspicious Observers is that he is not a doom porn seller.  He is not sensational.  In fact, when I see articles and reports about big space weather or natural disasters, I usually head over to his Youtube channel.  Like recently when people were worried about all the earthquakes around Yellowstone.  Instead of panicking, I headed over to his channel because I knew he would tell it like it is.

Suspicious Observers does have an APP that I highly recommend.  The Disaster Prediction APP (for Android, for iOS), sends out alerts.  So if the big one comes, you’ll know ahead of time!  It is only $2.99.  You should buy it! Below is a video on how to use the APP.



I’ve also shared out alerts from SO on the Prepper Website Facebook Group.  If you’re not a member, request to join.  I hope to keep it a “cordial” place where we can talk about preparedness and self-reliance and learn from each other.

It’s not in the scope of this article to get you prepped for a solar flare.  All preparedness should begin with a plan.  If you don’t have one, start with a book that lays it out for you.  One book that is HUGE and covers many of the topics you need to consider is the Prepper’s Blueprint by Tess Pennington. If you haven’t looked into that one, I recommend you do


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For those of you interested in Biblical Prophecy, keep reading…

If not, have a great week! Stay Prepped and Aware!


Since We’re Talking About TEOTWAKI Stuff!


Many of you know that I am a Christian and a pastor.  It has been said that prophecy makes up anywhere from 21 – 27% of the Bible.  It is a significant amount and something we should pay attention to.

One thing that I try to stay aware of is what is happening in the Middle East, especially Israel.  Many people don’t know that riots have been going on there.  I’ve only seen it on Twitter. One of my church members said he has also heard it on NPR.  But what is going on there is lacking coverage from the mainstream media, of course!


One person I know who is always going to talk about Israel is John Haller.  His weekly Prophecy Updates discuss a lot of stuff that is currently relevant.  I used to always link to his videos on Prepper Church, but I was just getting too busy to try to maintain all of it.  But I do listen to his updates every week.  This week, he discusses Jerusalem and what is going on in greater detail.  I think it is significant enough to link here. 



Ironically enough, in the first 2 minutes, he discusses an article in WIRED magazine that discusses the risk of Cyberwar and our electrical grid going down.  I tracked down the article, because I usually don’t read WIRED, and linked it here for you.

The world is crazy!  I don’t understand people who don’t see the need to prep, now more so than ever.  

Have a great week!

Stay Prepped and Aware!



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