A CHEAP Altoids Urban Survival Kit and An Added Bonus

I’m a big fan of Altoids.  I especially like the hard to find Spearmint type.  One of the added benefits of sucking on these little tablets of mint are the tins after you finish the batch off.

I have used these tins to make small survival kits and med kits or “boo-boo” kits.  I’ve also compiled a list of my favorite Altoids tins used for survival.

One of my favorite Altoids kits that I came across was the Urban Survival Kit by The Urban Prepper (see this article).  He packed in a bunch of good stuff in his kit.  My only issue was how expensive some of those items were.

I recently decided to make my own Urban “Survival” Kit.  Now, when I say survival, I’m not talking Wilderness Survival.  I’m talking about having items that I would like (need) to have during the day in the environment that I work in.  Disclaimer – This kit works for me!  I will add to it and take away from it as necessary.

The point here is that you can make an Urban Survival Kit and make it your own, to fit your own needs.  Everyone will place different items in their kit. I’m sure I will be switching out some items as I need too.  Another added benefit to this kit is that all of these items were purchased at the dollar store.

MY Urban Survival Kit

Here are my items and the reasons behind it…

  1. Nail Clippers – My nails grow fast.  Although I normally trim them at home, there are times when I need to take care of a hangnail.  This one also has a file that allows you to clean under your nails too.  If I ever get dirty (changing a tire, etc…), I can go to the restroom and clean up.
  2. File – Sometimes, the nails need a little filing.  I actually had to cut this one back a little to fit in the tin.  
  3. Tweezers – For that occasional splinter that needs a little bit of help.
  4. Sewing Kit – I purchased a bigger sewing kit from the dollar store.  But I decided to just use the small box with the needles, safety pins, and buttons.  I also took a sewing needle with some thread and added it to the box.  You never know when you’re going to lose or need to repair a button or rip.
  5. Breath Strips – I usually have Altoids in my pack (of course), but these are so small and are available just in case my breath needs a little help.
  6. Razor Blade – It won’t replace your EDC blade, but if you need to slice or cut something in a pinch, it is a sharp option.
  7. Hair Ties – I’m using these as ranger bands.  The tin closes well enough as it is, but this was just something a little extra.


On the trip to the dollar store, I also purchased baby wipes.  Although they don’t fit in the Altoids tin, they do fit in my pack.  They are perfect for washing your hands or even cleaning up a stain on your clothes.

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Added Bonus – Altoids Emergency Candle

As an added bonus, I would like to show you the Altoids Tin Emergency Candle I made.  My wife had a candle in which she wanted to repurpose the container itself.  I used the opportunity to use the melted wax as part of this Emergency Candle.

I purchased wicks at a hobby store and cut them down.  After melting the wax, I simply poured it into the tin with the wicks.  The wax hardened quickly.  I made two.  I suggest not over-filling the wax.  The tin still closes and carries really nicely in any pack.  You’ll have to be careful though if you are leaving it in a hot car.  I haven’t tried it yet, but I would assume that the wax could melt and if it turned over, would cause a mess.  Check out the pics and the video below.





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