4 Ways To Move Towards A Preparedness Lifestyle

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Are you stuck in emergency preparedness mode or are you living a life of preparedness?  They are similar, but not the same.

I went to lunch with a friend last week and he mentioned the phrase, “preparedness lifestyle vs emergency preparedness.”  This view is something that I believe, but I didn’t come to it right away on my journey.  I suspect many others don’t start out with that view either.

In a recent Prepper Website poll, “Why did you start prepping?” 55% of voters chose the reason they started prepping had something to do with a crisis situation.  Many are worried about the economy, some had a personal disaster or crisis situation and others said they were worried about “peak oil, peak food, peak ammo, peak something.”  When you start something in crisis mode, you tend to stay there for a  while.

So how do you move from prepping for an emergency to the preparedness lifestyle?  You get a new mindset, that’s how!

Move away from Fear to What you can Influence

You might be concerned with an economic collapse, EMP or nuclear war, but what can you really do about it?  Those that live a Preparedness Lifestyle are aware of the dangers out there, but they realize that there is only so much they can do.  Instead of focusing on what you can’t do or what you can’t change, focus on what you can!  You can put away food.  You can work to get out of debt. You can plant a garden. You can store water, etc…  Another way of putting it is to be a person of action.  Get busy!  Yeah, the world might fall apart some day, but do you want to be the person who said, “I told you so” and then die?  Or do you want to be able to help your fellow man with supplies or even knowledge of how to survive?

Move from being a Consumer to being a Producer

We  buy so much STUFF!  We work to consume.  In return, what are we really producing?  A Preparedness Lifestyle seeks to minimize consumption for consumption sake.  Preppers should look at what they have and ask themselves, “Can I create something beneficial?  Can I make something instead of buying it?  Can I save that item and repurpose it for another use?”  Even if you are not the creative type, you should be asking yourself these questions. To be clear, I’m not talking about hording junk.  I hate clutter.  But there was a time when it was convenient to just throw something away and go buy another shiny thing.  We should get to the point again, when we are able to look at something and see how it can benefit in other ways.

Move from the thought of How everyone else does it to What is really Needed

One thing that I have noticed in reading countless articles on preparedness websites it that when the SHTF, preppers want to continue their lifestyle just like it was before the SHTF.  For example, you might want to move from grid power to alternative energy.  But you can’t continue on with your 5 TV’s, microwave, refrigerator and AC blasting.  Alternative energy isn’t there yet.

A Preparedness Lifestyle might mean a simple lifestyle.  Are you prepared to do that?  You might be more than you realize.  Again, I think we have a lot of junk in our lives.  We can do without TV, cable, microwaves, etc…  It’s a change.  A big change.  But we might find that it is a good change.

Move from being Reactionary to Purposeful

Don’t react from the fact that you might one day experience a SHTF scenario.  When we act in a reactionary way, we tend to make bad decisions.  However, making purposeful decisions from a good plan, is very beneficial.  I can’t tell you how many times I have saved myself from purchasing something I didn’t need by simply asking myself, “Is this in my plan?”  If you can get into the habit of asking yourself that question, you might save yourself from acquiring a bunch of stuff you don’t really need.


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