#21 – 2013 Predictions – Updated 1/1/13

I wish I would have thought about this before. Maybe all the food I ate during CHRISTmas and being able to sleep late has caused “some” creative juice to flow. Anyway, I read a lot of “predictions” out there. So, I thought that it would be cool to list them all here as I read them. So, check back. I will change the # and date to reflect updates.

If you know of any lists that I’m missing, please let me know.  And of course, if you have any of your own PREDICTIONS, feel free to leave them below.

Why do they always seem to come in 10’s? 🙂  The newest articles are on the bottom!

10 Predictions for 2013 – Daily Sheeple

Considerations For YE 2012 – Market Ticker

2013 Trends – Modern Survival Blog

Saxo Bank’s 10 Outrageous Predictions For 2013 – ZeroHedge

Predictions for 2013 (not really predictions but reflections of 2012…looking for predictions in 2013) – SHTFblog

13 Trends for 2013 – FutureSearch

Predictions for 2013 (Education Arena) – THE Journal (The controls on this online magazine are a little funky at first.)

2012 In Review, And 2013’s Look Forward – Market Ticker

16 Things About 2013 That Are Really Going To Stink – The Economic Collapse

Top 10 (or 12) 2013 Predictions – Forbes

Famous Mentalist Releases 23 Predictions for 2013  – Investor Place (a lot of Oscar stuff, but some solar flare stuff)

Time For Some 2013 Predictions – Seeking Alpha (Investment stuff)

Predictions for 2013 – The Washington Post (mostly political)

2013 Meteor Strike on the Planet – Viewzone (Remote Viewing)

Common Ground: Predictions for 2013 – USAToday (Cal Thomas & Bob Beckel)

 Top 2013 predictions for savers, spenders and taxpayers – Reuters

My 2013 Predictions…Beware ‘YOUR’ Health and ‘OUR’ Government…and… – Howard Lindzon (You’ll have to overlook the anti-gun rant, if you can!)

Top 10 Forecasts for 2013 and Beyond – World Future Society – (Conversation starters…)

Six dire predictions for 2013 – A Morefield Life

20 dark predictions for 2013, the year of oppression and insanity – Natural News

 50 Predictions For 2013 – The Economic Collapse


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