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Todd’s Note: For those of us paying attention to the economy, saving money and being frugal is crucial.  The more money we can save, the more money we can spend on items that NEED to be purchased.  The trick here, is to reuse, recycle and think about how we can use items in multiple ways.   This post touches the surface of things we should do and acquire that can save money.  What else can you think of?

When planning for the worst, it is easy to spend a lot of money. In fact, some people are hesitant to invest in rations and other items that will make life easier when a disaster strikes. Sadly, this will leave a family in a troubled spot as a hurricane, tornado, flood or fire can cause extensive damage to infrastructure, leaving people to worry about their next meals. For this reason, one must set up a well-stocked food storage system. At the same time, when flowing these five tips, the head of the house can stock it without spending too much money.

Building up food supplies:

Now, when buying canned goods and other non-perishable items, one can have plenty of food on hand for a disaster. Luckily, it is possible to buy canned soups, beans, vegetables and meats. With this, residents will only need a simple can opener to eat the food. In fact, with canned goods, one does not necessarily have to warm up the food to survive. A same time, when buying non-perishable items, one should look for food that they will enjoy. Since they technically have an expiration date, it is useful for a buyer to get food that he or she will enjoy with the family. People are always look for new ways to preserve their food storage for their family. Simply put, there are many ways to store food, so find a way that works best and is most appealing to your family.


When looking for emergency food storage supplies, a shopper should get items in bulk. With this setup, a buyer will get a better deal. At the same time, when purchasing in bulk, one can save time as they will not need to go to multiple stores to fill up the pantry. Furthermore, homeowners should look into other items beyond food that they should purchase in bulk, such as batteries, 9mm ammo, and candles.

Free water:

Without a doubt, when a disaster hits, a family will need clean drinking water. In fact, without water, one can only survive a couple of days. For this reason, when stocking up a pantry full of foods, a homeowner should not neglect water. Instead, he or she should buy some empty jugs and fill them with water. Ideally, when doing this, one should have a gallon per person, per day, on hand. With this, the family will not perish from a lack of water. Of course, if a shopper would rather do so, he or she can head to a local grocery store and buy the 25 cent bottled water jugs. Either way, this is an often overlooked thing; it is wise to have plenty of water as the utilities often go offline during a major storm.

Save containers:

It is hard to realize this, but, when faced with a serious event, a family may not have power, water or gas. This is problematic when it comes time to do the dishes. To take a proactive and simple approach, a homeowner should save old yogurt cups and glass jars, among other things. With this tip, the family can have access to clean items to store food and drinks. Otherwise, once the household dishes are dirty, one will have a serious problem in the short-term.


Now, it is beneficial to have items on hand that one can use for many tasks. One such item is a tarp. With this, a person can trap rainwater, warm up in the cold or even hide items from plain sight. Since tarps are not expensive and easy to find, a serious person who wants to protect his or her family must buy one for each member of the household.

With these five tips, a homeowner can prepare for any serious disaster on the horizon. Remember, a person can save a lot of money when he or she takes a few minutes to write out a plan and find the best deals on goods.


About the Author: Lukas Nicholson has over ten years in the home security field. He enjoys keeping up with the latest developments in home and corporate security and sharing what he finds with others.


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