7 Things You Can Do – If You’re A Bored Prepper

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So you’re online, you’re bored and you’re a prepper!  What are you to do?  The first thing I would say is to get out and try out a skill.  Build a fire, sharpen a knife, make or repurpose something.  But, let’s say that it’s the evening time, the kids are in bed, the spouse is sawing some logs and you don’t want to start moving around and making a lot of noise.   Here is  a list that you might be interested in.

Visit the Prepper Website Tag Cloud.  Yes, this is a little self-serving.  But it is a great resource.  Did you know that every article/post that is linked on Prepper Website is tagged?  There is something there for everyone.  Let’s say that you want some info. on: chickens, knives, medical, herbal, safety, firearms…it’s all there.  And, because I try to only link to the best articles out there, what you find is going to be good stuff.  You don’t need to spend a lot of time on Google sifting through links.  Uh huh!  High-five up in the air!

Revisit Your Budget.  You do have  a budget right?  If you don’t tell your money what to do and where to go, it will go wherever it wants to.  Are you spending money in the right places?  Is there a place that you need to cut off – maybe cable or that gym membership you never use?  Can you find a few more dollars for food storage or other preps?  If you come up with something, you should then share it with your spouse.  You should both be on the same page when it comes to the family budget.

Download a FREE Prepper Related Book.  If you don’t have the Amazon Kindle App yet, you need to get it.  Gaye Levy over at Backdoor Survival has a post on downloading the app and finding free preparedness related ebooks.  Sometimes, ebooks are free for a short time, a weekend or so.  That is your chance to pick up some great books. Once you save it to your Amazon account, it is there for you to download and place on your tablet, smartphone, laptop, etc…  One book that you might be interested in is Wick 1.  Wick 1 is the first book in the Wick Omnibus by Michael Bunker.  But beware, that Michael Bunker is a sly fellow.  You might get hooked and have to buy the whole series or wait for the omnibus.  Wick 1 is the first Book of the Month Club author discussion on Prepper Small Biz.  Here you can interact  and ask questions of the author concerning his book.

Revisit Your Plan(s). Do you have a plan for bugging out or bugging in?  Think through some of the most probable scenarios.  Does your family know what to do in case of a ____ (fill-in-the-blank).  After thinking through some of these plans, share them with your spouse and then with the kids.  Have a family meeting.  Here is a resource for having a successful family meeting – click here.

Exercise!  Yes, drop to the floor and give yourself 10, 20 or 30 push-ups or whatever you can do.  Do some sit-ups.  If you find yourself in some pain, you might need to start working out more often.  If you aren’t the exercise type, try some stretches.  Stretching helps your body to be more flexible.  Here is a great resource that you can check out – click here.

Gather Your Important Documents.  Individuals who have recently endured wildfires probably weren’t expecting them.  In any type of emergency, you are getting out with your valuables and trying to throw in some necessities – IF YOU HAVE THE TIME.  Many people don’t think about insurance information, bank accounts, birth certificates, social security cards, passports, etc..  You should have a copy of all these things.  It is also a good idea to have pictures of the interior of your home, including rooms and “things” so that you can prove that you had that stuff in your home!

Pick a couple of friends to send “An Open Letter to Family & Friends.  I published this on Prepper Website on December 19, 2011.  Since then, it has been posted by other preparedness websites.  I recently was going to edit it for 2013, but after reading it, it still says what I would want to say.  If you don’t want your family and friends to think you’re a wacko, you can send it anonymously by using this service – click here.

If none of this interests you, then go to bed.  As I tell my kids, just lay there till you fall asleep! 🙂

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