Hi!  I’m Todd Sepulveda.  I’m an educator, minister, and all around good guy.  I focus my energy on providing the preparedness community with great FREE content.  I do this by hosting and maintaining various preparedness sites.

This website, Ed that Matters, serves as my personal blog where I write on matters of preparedness, education or even just rant!

A little about myself:

I’m married with kids.  My day job is in education.  I currently work in the district office and manage the software that holds the curriculum and handles assessments for campuses.  I’m a licensed minister.  I do a lot of weddings and I wrote a FREE ebook called Education After the Collapse.

My sites are:

You can read more about my journey into preparedness HERE.

If you would like to contact me, please email @ –> todd [dot] sepulveda @ prepperwebsite [dot] com

You can contact me through the various social media links on the home page and through my personal website.




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