Angry Woman Speaks the Truth?

abI first heard of Ann Barnhardt when she folded her company, BCM in 2011.  Quoted in an article on the Blaze website,

“The reason for my decision to pull the plug was excruciatingly simple: I could no longer tell my clients that their monies and positions were safe in the futures and options markets – because they are not. And this goes not just for my clients, but for every futures and options account in the United States. The entire system has been utterly destroyed by the MF Global collapse. Given this sad reality, I could not in good conscience take one more step as a commodity broker, soliciting trades that I knew were unsafe or holding funds that I knew to be in jeopardy.”

Since shutting down her company, she can be found online discussing the economy and matters of faith.  She is very outspoken and a strong proponent of her Catholic faith.

I recently watched a video that was recorded in December 2012.  In the video, she talks about the US, taxes, faith and our duty as Christians.  I feel there is a lot of truth in what she says!  The video is 1 hour long and full of thought provoking ideas and actions for the liberty minded person.  I challenge you to watch it all the way through the Q & A section and then share your thoughts below.



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9 thoughts on “Angry Woman Speaks the Truth?

  1. marta brown

    Our nation is in decline, but not dead. By blaming President Obama and his administration, the speaker is doing a disservice to solving the nations problems. In doing this the speaker is missing the big picture that is going on in our country. These problems have been building long before the Obama administration, and there is no one administration to blame.

    Concentrating blame on the Obama administration is a distraction that will make solving our problems impossible. Demonizing anyone is unproductive.

    We are all playing a part in the decline of our nation, and we should start with examining our own part.

    1. Todd Post author


      I’ve watched other videos and she definitely doesn’t just blame Obama. However, she does say in her economic videos that Obama accelerated the economic issues so much that it can’t be walked back.


  2. marta brown

    To begin to solve our problems, people with differing views need to find areas of common ground. There are, in fact, significant areas of agreement between people on every side of the political and ideological spectrum. People need to focus on finding these, rather than on divisive issues. For those of us who don’t know where to start, we can start by making peace with our neighbors and within our families.

    1. Todd Post author

      Do you see anyone in the political spectrum willing to compromise and truly dialogue? I don’t! Instead, we get excessive rules and laws that the majority of the American people don’t want!

      You are right, we need to make peace with our families and neighbors. You need to look out for your family and community. But as for divisive issues, there are always going to be these issues. We need to know what we truly believe.


  3. grizz

    There were some good points in the presentation. Thanks for sharing it with us. However, I do have some comments.

    Dropping out and giving up seems to be the message here. How does that help us? How does that fix anything? Doing so just leaves it up to the rest of us to deal with and fix. I didn’t see any solutions suggested or ways to get involved. I agree, the republic is dead and all political parties and the civilians of the republic share the blame. But giving up and living in a car isn’t the answer. True, God should come first however we need to rise up peacefully and do SOMETHING with God and, as you said, have a counter-revolution. Okay, what is a counter-revolution? Can we do it if we all live in a car with no food, no heat, no clothes, etc? What is involved in a counter-revolution? Grass roots? Elections? Councils?

    Throwing my hands up and living in a car (which you still pay taxes/fees on, along with the gas takes) just isn’t my style of defending the nation that I cherish from evil, coercion, and tyranny. You are, by definition, being coerced into living in a car. They are ‘making’ you live in a car because you’re quitting the fight.

    Although I can debate all day and night about being over-taxed, taxes being misused, unlawful and immoral taxes; we need to get the tax system and the legislative system back to what it was INTENDED for. That’s the issue. If the people of CO, following the law, voted to legalize marijuana, why don’t you support it? You stated local and state government should be at the top. I found some views a little conflicting. Sticking to your personal religious convictions is a good thing, but don’t call me “stupid” just because I have different convictions than yours; that’s how we got into this mess in the first place. Quitting the fight is the easy path.

    Thanks for you emotion and insight. I look forward to seeing more of your presentations.

  4. Dare Tuitt

    “If the people of CO, following the law, voted to legalize marijuana, why don’t you support it? You stated local and state government should be at the top. I found some views a little conflicting. Sticking to your personal religious convictions is a good thing, but don’t call me “stupid” just because I have different convictions than yours; that’s how we got into this mess in the first place. Quitting the fight is the easy path.”

    I don’t think she’s advocating quitting the fight. She is saying the fight has been rigged for evil to win continually, so we can’t use the same old tools we used to use to fight back, such as the ballot box. How can good triumph in a corrupt system which is now to the point where majority votes are routinely set-aside when they go against the evil agenda and the outcome that agenda wanted, but didn’t get (an example would be the California gay marriage ballot initiative)? Evil trots out some corrupt judge to overrule the majority. But when the shoe is on the other foot – when good seems to triumph – see how quickly evil plots to figure out ways around the new law, or just do what Obama and his “justice” department do – ignore laws they don’t like and only enforce those they do. Marxists will use any means necessary to promote their agenda over majority rule, especially when it comes directly in conflict with what they hate most – Christianity.

    If more people really understood why this is a spiritual battle and not only a political one, they would vote with their choices and money more often. It would be interesting to see how evil would react to millions of Christians deciding en mass not to pay taxes anymore, as she suggests. No doubt the State will simply confiscate all the property of Christians after the Rapture of the Church, but how will the State replace the taxes once generated by those missing millions of people?

  5. Grampa

    We need to publish the agenda of the united nations. The thought of one organization overseeing all nations will lead to war. The riches and efforts of one nation supporting another because of differences in economic development is unacceptable. The beginnings of this has begun in America. At this publication nearly half of America is on some form of dependance. On a smaller scale I experience it in my own family. All came from the same poor upbringing but from some all I get is a whine on how unfair the system is. They are the first to extend their hands for a handout. Because I worked hard and started my own company and put in many hours for success. They only see that I am able to buy what I want and send my girls to private school so they can have a better chance than I did. They feel it is my duty to share with them what I earned by my efforts. This is the same attitude I find with the half of America on assistance. Our government uses this dependance to keep then there and use their votes to keep the “ruling class securely in power. What no enemy has never been able to do to take this country by force we will see it fall from within. Our government has tried many things to divide and concur the people. They have found the final thing that will cause the division and the crisis to bring us down. The invasion from the south will bring not only known deceases but we will see some that are slow incubation that will expose the caretakers. They in turn will expose their family’s who will go to the market and mauls and we could see the start of a pandemic when our government spreads them out so. This will give our government the excuse it needs to “protect the children” and suspends our constitution to enforce their martial law. Yes it is only a predication of an old man who hopes it will never happen. With enough people and some true statesmen to lead our country we can see freedom and prosperity once more.

  6. Mic Roland

    I agree that the current political “system” is more circus than substance, and I agree that we are in a spiritual battle, I also agree that a clueless and complacent populace have repeatedly vote in the circus masters. Recall all the man-on-the-street interviews with voters who have no idea what they’re doing, beyond vague notions of supporting kumbayah in some way. Yes, this is a self-inflicted mess.

    However, I found it ironic that she decried Coercion, first stating that no one can really be coerced (it’s voluntary capitulation), but then says people -have- been coerced. Then, she so flagrantly uses Ad Hominem Abusive as her argument. “If you don’t agree with me, you’re stupid. STUPID!” The same abuse was then delivered in a stream of profanity. Maybe she’s really angry, but she was not helping her case. If profanity=veracity, sailors could never be wrong.

    Just strikes me as unfortunate that she undermines her own message.

    1. Cara

      I agree that the profanity and name calling worked against the power of her message. I assume it was used to bring force to the subject but I believe it did the opposite. This woman is a professional so she knows how to speak professionally and she is a Christian so she must know that name calling is not Christian.
      This battle is totally spiritual. It is NOT political. It can not be won from the ballot box ( and they now own all the computers that we use to vote. They can get ANY result they want. The news now calls a winner by 8pm the night of the election and with only 1% of the votes actually counted. That is ONE percent. They are screaming at us that this is NOT an election. But most people just do not see that. They see what they want to see. It is more comfortable that way.)
      I believe she was trying to get people out of their comfort zone and shock them into seeing what is right in front of them.
      This is a very hard message to digest: The world you thought you lived in does not really exist. It is all a sham that has been presented to you as a pacifier.

      And they are soft selling their evil as good by wrapping it up in music and videos and TV programs and movies so it is more acceptable. And it works into your brain. You don’t fight it like you might if they walked up to you demanded you to change your mind. So all the evil and lies are cotton candy wrapped and pretty and tied up with things you do not want to give up like comfort and food and TV. And you sit and watch and change and die. But you don’t know it yet.
      There have NEVER been any Christian communist governments. Guess why?

      By the way Luciferians believe that Jesus is the son of Lucifer and that Lucifer is the greater god and the God of the Old and New Testaments is a lesser, jealous god who does not want you to have a good life or plenty of things. Lucifer believe in blood sacrifice like abortion. He hates God and Christians, marriage and family, charity and honesty and truth.

      This government hates Christians. So are you Christian or of this government?

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