Are You Training? A Firearm Training Option!

I have linked to many firearm articles on Prepper Website throughout the years.  Almost every article suggests getting some training to effectively use your firearm.  There are all types of training out there from shooting paper targets at the range to spending a whole weekend with a group going through real “live fire” tactical training.  

The issue for many is that the more you move away from target practice, the more expensive it gets.  Ammo, traveling, lodging, etc.. costs $.  One option and experience was recently shared with me by Jesse.  Read his experience and thoughts below.  

I have something I want to share with you that my wife surprised me with this weekend. My wife took me to a virtual shooting range. You use real guns, a full sized Glock and a standard run of the mill AR15. They have been converted over to run on CO2 so it could cycle the bolt for a feeling of recoil. The screen was similar to a golf simulator. You pointed the gun at the screen and shot then you could see your point of impact. Starting out we did some gimmicky things like shooting fun targets and zombies for the 1st half hour but it took a serious turn for the 2nd half hour. We started the police simulator where you were the 1st responder in an active killer situation at a school, an office, and store. There were some CCW type situations as well. They made you react to the situation as it unfolded in front of you and you had to deliver accurate shots to stop the threat in real time.

If you treat this like a training session and reflect on your decisions and shot placement and how your grip and all that lined up with what you believe your skill level is. It was a reality check but also confirmed that some of my techniques were good. All In all,  for 50 bucks for my wife and I for a 1-hour session… well worth it. We are going back for sure. Hope you can find something like this near you and maybe you can share this with our community.

The place we visited is Virtual Marksman in North Canton, OH.

I remembered I watched this video a while ago and I found it again. This is almost the exact thing we did. Our guns were a little different. We didn’t have the round count stopper we just ran the guns till they were out of CO2.  The computer program in the video is the same one I used and I did see a scenario that I actually did. There over 400 different scenarios you can do where you could be in a shoot or a non-shoot. Aaron Cowan explains it far better than I could.



Thanks for your time and God bless.


If you are interested in looking into TI Virtual Training, click this link and add your city to the Google Search to see if you have one close to you.


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