Articles the Preparedness Community Wants to Read – What About You?


This is the third article that stems from a 4 question survey questionnaire that I asked recently on Ed that Matters. The questions were:

What ONE thing do you need help on to FEEL better prepared? Please type your response and feel free to elaborate.
What EMERGENCY is your biggest concern? Feel free to elaborate.
What other type of articles would you like to find/read about in regards to preparedness?
What question have you always wanted to ask but never felt comfortable to ask?

In this article, I have grouped the responses into major themes, topics and categories. However, if you would like to view individual responses, they will be at the bottom.

This article will work with the answers to, ” What other type of articles would you like to find/read about in regards to preparedness?

Major Themes/Topics/Categories

Food Storage – Food storage was listed the most out of any other preparedness topic. Many know that they need to store food, but they don’t seem to just want to buy MRE’s and stock up on freeze dried or dehydrated foods. This is a good thing because pre-packaged food is very expensive and it is not hard to do it yourself! However, with that said, it seems like people would prefer a list of “just get this” and “here’s how you do it.”

I can understand wanting to have a ready made plan. However, food is a tricky thing. Yes, your family might eat ANYTHING if they are starving and Mel Gibson is riding around in his Mad Max car. But most of us don’t prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse! You want to make sure that you store food your family will eat! And the person who knows that best is you!

I took easy food storage into consideration when I wrote, Anyone Can Do it! Fool-Proof Food Storage!  The article links to a resource I found, back from the Y2K era, that provided recipes and ideas from just canned food. The idea is that you get a week’s worth of recipes and multiply by 4! Presto, you have a month’s worth of food just like that. That article was part of a food storage web train that visited articles from many different websites. You will find all kinds of articles and ideas. The food storage blog train can be found below my foolproof article.

Someone asked about cooking with their food storage. The best resource I have found is Tess Pennington’s book, The Prepper’s Cookbook: 300 Recipes to Turn Your Emergency Food into Nutritious, Delicious, Life-Saving Meals .  She tried all the recipes on her family and all the ingredients are from her food storage. If you are storing raw food items, her book is a must have.  You can read my review – Click Here.

One person asked about food storage using “the old ways.” I don’t know how old they mean, but I believe that dehydrating, canning, fermenting and using root cellars might be the “old ways.” I believe it speaks to 1. how far we have come from touching and preparing our own food and 2. how hard it seems to store food in these ways. But, there are plenty of articles out there that tackle these subjects. Some with videos and a lot of pictures, which makes it easy for someone who wants to make sure they store food correctly. For a TON of articles on food storage, visit the TAG Cloud – Food Storage!

Water – The next topic preppers want to read about is water. This is not surprising as you always hear that water is important in any survival situation.

We take clean potable water for granted. We can turn on our faucets and for the most part don’t have to worry about getting diarrhea or some other nasty bug. Yes, many preppers even filter their faucet water, but the majority of Americans don’t. You just have to look at some of the real life examples that take place in Third World countries when they experience a disaster like an earthquake or hurricane. Haiti is a good example.
Specifically, preppers wanted to know about water purification. I’m assuming that when someone asks that, they are speaking in generalities in preparing water for drinking. However there is a difference between filtering and purifying water.

There has been a lot of articles written on this filtering and purifying water. I have linked to many on Prepper Website. Recently, Gaye Levy submitted an article to the 5th Edition of The Preparedness Review on using Pool Shock to purify water. The article is a how-to and easy to download and print out for your preparedness binder. If you are looking for more articles on water: storage, purifying, filtering, etc…, you can find a TON by visiting the Prepper Website TAG Cloud – Water and Water Storage.

First Aid – Medical – The next type of article that preppers want to read include first-aid and medical preparedness. If I include the desire to know herbal remedies and essential oils, it would be the first, even before food storage.

I understand why this topic is so important. When I first started in preparedness, the topic that was the most important for me was medical preparedness. Food and water is pretty easy if you are willing to search the internet. However, medical preparedness takes a level of skill.
With medical costs going through the roof, Dr.’s prescribing antibiotics for every little ailment, inappropriate personal questions when you visit the dr., and more, preppers are looking to learn some basics of taking care of their health. I wrote about this in Do Preppers Know the Future of Medicine? 5 Ways to Prepare Now!

The fact is that like everything else, going to the doctor at the first sign of a little something or something is the thing to do. Cheap co-pays and a desire for a quick fix has taught us that there is a med “for that.”

Some of the specifics that preppers inquired about where: medical storage, how to store medical supplies for the long term. Others wanted to not only know what kinds of meds to store, but how and when to use them.

On the essential oil and herbal remedy front, preppers wanted to have more in-depth articles. I agree that some of these type of articles are short and don’t give enough information. In cases where I needed more info., I have turned to my friend Nick (through email) over at The Herbal Survivalist or researched myself.

I believe that this will be more and more of a trend. As a result, I have started using essential oils (and became an affiliate with Spark Naturals) and stock up on meds that I know my family might use. One resource that is invaluable is Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy’s book, The Survival Medicine Handbook. Their book is different from most medical preparedness books because they write from a collapse medical scenario. Read my review on their book – Click Here.

For more info., visit the Prepper Website Tag Cloud:

Seven Way Tie

The next category of articles are a seven way tie: prepping on a budget, wilderness survival, frugal living, foraging, alternative energy, communications and making clothing.

Prepping on a Budget – Articles in this category have always been popular. Preppers want to know how to do more with less. This has picked up steam since our economy has really started to tank. It’s not just about “buying” gear, but knowing how to use what you have an learning how to make due.

Wilderness Survival – I wonder if this goes back to the romantic idea that people will bugout when the SHTF? I don’t know. I know I like the outdoors and so I’m always wanting to learn how to cook over an open flame, make traps, build shelters, etc…

Frugal Living – I wrote before that I believe this is going to be a big trend in the coming years. It goes hand in hand with prepping on a budget, but goes further than just preparedness. It is one reason why I started Page 3 – Frugal Living on Prepper Website.

Foraging – Yes, this is a lost art. There are websites that are devoted to this like Eat the Weeds and Foraging Texas. The best advice I have ever read about learning how to forage is to identify 5 wild edibles in your area. Learn to identify them in every season. Learn how to eat them/cook them. Then, learn another 5! It would be good to start your own journal complete with pictures that you take and print out yourself.

Alternative Energy – This is another trend that I believe is going to be big in the coming future. As our electrical grid ages, with no plans to upgrade the infrastructure, we are going to see more brown and blackouts. Add to that the possibility of a terrorist attack, real or cyber and this can be a problem. As solar panels become cheaper and better built, it is a no brainer to have some sort of alternative power to charge up phones, laptops and have some light. This is especially important for those who depend on electricity for medical devices.

Communications – There has been a lot done on this. But preppers are still wanting to read about how to communicate. This is where HAM radio comes into play. But it also has the ability to cover so much more. I wonder if the abundance of cell phones and the accessibility we know have to everyone at anytime plays into the desire to learn other ways of communication?

Making Clothes – This topic was a surprise for me. I didn’t realize that there would be so many wanting to learn how to make clothes. This is definitely a lost art for most people. And I’m sure that finding articles on how to make shirts, pants, winter clothes, etc… aren’t hard to find online. However, it is not a topic that most prepper websites write about.

One Category to Highlight

Although this topic didn’t make it in one of the above sections, I think it is worth mentioning. Several asked about articles that help prepare with disabled people, the old and young. This is a topic that I see few articles on, but I’m sure it touches a lot of preppers. The issue with this topic is that most articles will be very general and not specific. So, it would be up to those caring for disabled family members to know what to “think about in making preparations” and then plan accordingly.

Other Topics

  • Lastly, these topics received a few mentions and I would like to list them
  • Real life examples (stories) of preparedness, like from Argentina and Zimbabwe
  • How to and DIY articles on repurposing and recycling – should be considered in the frugal category.
  • Urban survival
  • Living off-grid
  • Keeping preps organized
  • Prepping with kids

My Thoughts

As stated in the two previous articles, there isn’t really any new revelations. The major themes of preparedness are there and the types of articles that the preparedness community want to read are pretty much what I see a lot of the time as I read and link to articles on Prepper Website.
The one thing I would add is that I read and see a lot of articles that I don’t link to. So, I might be a little biased in saying that I see many of these types of articles already written and out there.

One thing that stood out to me, was that there were no questions or desire to see articles on firearms, protection or self-defense.  This is such a big category, and a topic that I assume we are going to have to deal with as our economy tanks and people become more desperate.  Is the lack for articles in this topic because people feel relatively safe here in the US or is it because there is an over abundance of these types of articles?

I think that one thing the prepper community would like to see when they read articles is more of a how-to approach. Articles that are laid out step-by-step with a lot of pictures might be more popular. I speak from my own experience when I say this. For example, when I was looking up how to use mylar bags and oxygen absorbers to make my own food storage buckets, I read a bunch of articles, but when I was able to see it in video and how-to pictures, it made it all sink in. Preparedness bloggers need to remember that the topic of preparedness is so important, that people wanting to prepare don’t want to just “wing-it.” Preppers want to have confidence in their preps and as a result, they want to have confidence in the knowledge that they are reading to prep.

If you would like to learn more about any preparedness topic, and feel comfortable that you are not randomly getting information from a Google Search, you can visit the Prepper Website Tag Cloud.  Make sure you bookmark it!




Raw Data Below

How to prepare on a tight budget,
Proper medical storage needs. Have food covered
Step by step outlines on preparedness plans…A to Z.
… how ordinary people in present day TEOTWAWKI situations survive.
Especially people in Zimbabwe, Argentina, etc. Please have look at this unbelievable woman in Zimbabwe and link her to your site if you can. I an very interested how she and other have survived in that country for so long. Her name in Cathy Buckle. My personal hero.
I would like to read more about how to preserve food the old ways.
Actual exprences
I would like more well written articles on herbal medicine and essential oils.
What happens after about the first 3 months after the SHTF?
water purification
I would like to see a food storage list for a family of four and how to put it together to make family meals… a month’s worth of recipes with food storage list needed to prepare them so it could be multiplied to get 3-6-9-12 month lists/recipes. I’m storing food, but I’m having problems “seeing” it translated into meals.

I know what to do in a fire….but I’d like a list of specific actions to take right after a hurricane or earthquake in order of priority.
Right now my biggest fear is a Pandemic with cases of Ebola in Texas has got me thinking that I’m not ready.
i would like to read more on wilderness survival.
Warning signs before catastrophe.
I would like to read more on how to repurpose items I would normally throw away.
What kind of meals to prepare from storage.
First Aid and Medical Preparedness
I would like to read more on the healing arts.
The reality for me as a single independent senior with no family close by is sheltering in place. Should I have to evacuate – which where I live would be a major earthquake – I would likely be going to an emergency shelter. I would like to see an article on bugging ut to a shelter.
Articles about financial preparedness, prepping on a low budget
More articles on killing/trapping/prepping animals, but not one’s where you have to take down a buffalo with a slingshot kind of thing. Try to keep it as simple as possible.
Urban survival, survival life-hacks, caching…
Water purification followed by wild foods. Has anyone made a water still from cooking pans??
Alternative energy
dyi food preps

I like to read about all aspects of prepping
Bartering, identifying or establishing prepper communities, emergency communications, making clothing, equine skills.
The fulfillment of biblical prophesy
I like good P.A.W stories but I read every thing.
Articles on how to make basic things, simple chemicals, medicines, etc. There are for instance a lot of articles on over the counter medicines but few on when to use them. There are many articles on making black powder, but few on making saltpeter.
I would like to read more on urban survival.
backup power
Well I am reading anything that I can read that is not costing money, rather use the money on items I will need. So anything that will help.
Would like to know more about wilderness survival
food storage info, different ways and with what to make a fire, diesel generators, old cars with no computer chips in them, where to get them how much, which are dependable, instructions on Faraday Boxes large and small, and what to do with a Ham radio to protect it while you are using it from EMP
I would like to read more on sheltering in place
getting better training for all disasters
I read a lot of articles. I try to take a well-rounded approach to preparedness, rather than focus on one or two areas exclusively.
spiritual preparedness…we have a ministry that has been doing that for 25 years…
I would like to read more on the emotional and physical stresses that we may encounter if things got real bad. The stress could be so overwhelming that it will paralyze many folks. Being able to except the situation that you are in will be paramount to taking the next step in our own survival.
I would like to read articles on bartering and how to improve so an individual isn’t cheating themselves by consistently undervaluing what items or services they have to offer.

I would like to read more about storing of water, i do use 2 litre bottles at the moment, but would like advice on something larger without too much work , like building etc
Food storage
Other than voting the idiots out, what are some other courses the average citizen can take to turn things around? Tea Party is a joke here. Even local offices can only be attained if your rich and can buy your campaign in. Castle protection and DIY security upgrades would be of interest.

Articles on dealing with infants, young children & disabled people (wheelchairs/mobility issues) during a crisis. Maybe interviews on what real people have done, and not articles based on supposition. Interviews with psychologists, doctors & other professionals.
Would like to read more in depth on decontamination and safety measures for pandemics.
Making necessary items when they are no longer available(clothes,shoes,ect)
Maps and alternative routes like fire roads, concrete flood control channels, river beds… After SHTF.
Power generation, aquaponics, mental preparedness, Water purification and storage
How to prepare when you are on a fixed income. Frugality is a must!
Do it yourself solar power. I gues that is preparedness tho
Carrying more using less space
I would like to see an article on packing my bug out bag accompanied by photos diagrams etc on what should go where. Not just generalizations. I need specifics.
I would love to read more on how other preppers prepare and why. I like to learn from others.
if i was stuck in my home without electricity how would i then prep?
Food storage
I would like to read more on how other preppers stay organized and how they prioritize their preparation plans.
Home skills- cooking, cleaning, health remedies that WORK, making/ repairing clothing and other necessary things.
Kids and prepping, pets and prepping, wilderness survival, hunting and fishing and preparing what you get, preparing for off the electric grid living
Ways to pack things away, especially with little room, ways to deter looters.

Things that are verified, I’m tired of reading things published by bozo’s that are for scaring and not true.
More articles written by women, and not just patronizing ones like “OMG how do I change my tampon in the woods?!” or “How do I entertain the children while my big strong husband is out hunting?”. Actual, in depth articles about survival, firearms, self defense, ANYTHING. Bonus points if nothing on the page is pink.

Prepping for the handicapped, elderly, disabled
I’d like to find more articles on local foraging and meeting like minded locals.
tsunami prepairedness
I am pretty much a loner, with just my closest family. I have a hard time putting effort in a community, but I know that is extremely important!
first aid
How to prepare for disasters with small children. Bugging in or retreating, it all seems impossible with kids.

Gear reviews, class reviews, how to pages, planning your own preparedness planner, etc…
Water purification and finding more potable water when & IF TSHTF? Also edible weeds & plants in my Midwest area.
Old skills we have all lost due to electricity and technology.
Id like to read more on wilderness survival in cold weather

Farming and alternative power. Communications (ham)

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