Bad Cellphone or Bad Battery?

My son, who is a senior AND recently celebrated his 18th birthday, has come into a nice sum of money.  I’m a big fan of saving, but you know 18 year olds, give them some money and it starts to burn a hole in their pocket.  My son decided that his phone wasn’t cutting it anymore.  He has an HTC Amaze.  It is a decent phone, but he was experiencing it turn off and it was not holding a charge.  Of course, that means get a new phone right?

I tried to convince him that he just needed a new battery.  But spending money on a new battery is not as sexy as buying the new iPhone 5.  I tried to reason with him, but it was a losing battle.

So, I wanted to teach him a life lesson on the value of money and blah, blah, blah…  I got on Amazon and started searching for a new battery.  To my delight, the HTC Amaze uses the same battery as my phone, the HTC Sensation.  I purchased two batteries for $9.99 each.

Let me tell you, I’m pretty “AMAZEd” at this new battery.  The battery life is way longer than what I was used to.  With my old battery, I had to charge it at work or I wouldn’t have battery at the end of the day.  But this new battery doesn’t need a mid-day charge.  In all fairness, the new battery holds more power.  My original battery was 1520 mAh.  The new battery is 1900 mAh.  But it was only $9.99!

There are some less expensive batteries available for the cellphone, but I chose the one that had over 200 reviews.

As I was purchasing the battery, I also picked up a few other gems at a very good price.  I ordered a combo package of a car charger, home wall charger and usb sync cable – all for .73 cents.  That’s right! $0.73!  I haven’t received these yet and it only had 24 reviews, but for the price, I’ll chance it.  I also ordered the battery wall charger (since I now own 2 batteries) for $3.26.  You can see these products on Amazon below.



So, although I’m using this scenario as a teaching lesson…(the lessons will come soon enough) I’m  glad that I chose to look into getting a new battery for my cellphone.  You can’t go wrong for $10.

I’m sure my son will need some money soon one day.  I’ll remind him to break off a piece of his iPhone 5 and sell it as a “precious plastic.” NOT!

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