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You’ll think you have plenty of medical supplies for SHTF, until you have to start using them!  Not too long ago, my wife cut her finger pretty good.  We went through a lot of gauze and bandages, changing that cut out twice a day.  I was shocked by how fast the gauze, tape and pads I had, started to get depleted.  And this was just a little cut!  What if it was worse and I couldn’t access medical supplies easily?

Medical prep has always been one of my concerns and focuses.  I believe that the other survival topics are a little bit more manageable.  Don’t get me wrong, in a true SHTF, it’s going to suck.  But I mean there are more people out there who know a little about gardening, water purification, cooking with little, cooking on an open fire, etc…  In our modern society, we have left medical stuff up to professional doctors and hospitals who go through a lot of training.

But if doctors are not easily available, then what?  You’ll be responsible!  Can you imagine seeing your child or grandchild hurting and not be able to do anything to help?  Like I said earlier, this was one of my main concerns starting out in preparedness.

I’ve said it before, one of the first sites I ever hit was Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy’s, Doom and Bloom.  They are Medical Professionals who understand the need to prep.  They approach their articles and videos from the possibility that help isn’t coming! Scary!

Like many of the preppers out there, I downloaded everything I could on medical preparedness.  I found When There is No Doctor and When There is No Dentist.  But like Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy point out, all of these materials leave the reader with the notion that professional medical services need to be sought after a patient has be stabilized.  None of the literature I found dealt with medical issues from the perspective that finding a medical professional isn’t an option.  Until Dr. Bones (Dr. Joe Alton, M.D.) and Nurse Amy (Amy Alton, ARNP) wrote one!

Dr. Bone sand Nurse Amy recently released the 3rd Edition of their very popular book, The Survival Medicine Handbook.  The 3rd edition has had been expanded and every subject is covered in more detail.  Also, every section IMG_20160903_193404 - Editedhas been updated too!

The book covers a ton of medical situations, see the pics below.  But there are also a few chapters that are very helpful that will come in handy to anyone wanting to take responsibility for medical preparedness, for themselves and their family.

One chapter discusses and lists a ton of medical supplies that the average person isn’t thinking about.  Since Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy are both REAL medical professionals, I trust they know what is going to be necessary when it comes to medical supplies.  The chapter is broken down into kit sizes: IFAK or Personal Kits, The Family Kit, Natural Remedy Supplies and The Field Hospital.

One whole section in the book covers medications, from Over the Counter to Natural Relief to Stockpiling, it’s all there!  You also don’t want to miss the very important chapter on Antibiotics.

And like I mentioned in my previous review, you won’t want to miss the chapter on Essential Oils and Herbal Teas.  There is a lot of information that is very valuable!

Checkout the Table of Contents below…

IMG_20160903_193519 - Edited

IMG_20160903_193545 - Edited (1)

IMG_20160903_193550 - Edited

IMG_20160903_193622 - Edited

IMG_20160903_193628 - Edited (1)

IMG_20160903_193645 - Edited


IMG_20160903_193705 - Edited

No one…let me repeat, No Prepper should be without this book!  I believe it is one of the most important prep items you can have!

You can purchase the new 3rd Edition of The Survival Medicine Handbook on Amazon.

Be sure to visit Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy’s website, as well as their online store and Youtube channel!

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