Behold, Darkness and Sorrow: Seven Cows, Ugly and Gaunt – Review

Mark Goodwin is a thorn in my side!  Mark, who owns and runs PrepperRecon and the PrepperRecon Podcast, has written another book (series) called Behold Darkness and Sorrow: Seven Cows, Ugly and Gaunt.  Like his previous books, this one is a page turner, which is the reason he is such a pain!

2016-227-Audio-book-Mark-GoodwinYou see, I don’t have the time to read books anymore, so I get his books on audio.  I work about 10 minutes from work.  So, I get about 20 minutes of this page turner a day.  It definitely isn’t enough!  So, shame on you Mark!

Kidding aside, Mark has really done another great job in book one of his new series.  I’m partial to series because I like to follow a story for a while.  Like his other books, Mark follows an End of the World type scenario.  And, as in his other books, Mark weaves a ton of preparedness and the Bible, all within a great plot with everyday characters that could resemble many average Americans.

Behold Darkness and Sorrow: Seven Cows, Ugly and Gaunt, Book 1, follows three friends who live in Savannah, Georgia.  The main character, Danny, rededicates his life to the Lord and soon after starts to have apocalyptic dreams.  His dreams warn of disaster to come in the near future, in the same way Joseph interpreted Pharaoh’s dream in the Book of Genesis.

The book isn’t only for entertainement purposes though.  Mark provides a lot of helpful preparedness advice for readers, as the main characters start to get prepared for their scary future.

During a visit to his grandmother’s, Danny’s brother-in-law gives him advice on packing a bug out bag.

“You should both put together a bug-out bag, in case you need to leave in a hurry.”

“I’m not sure what that is.” Alisa said.


Nick grinned. “It’s a bag, preferably a large backpack that won’t draw too much attention, filled with the essentials you’d need to keep you alive for seventy-two hours.”


Alisa nodded slowly. “Still not sure I know what that is.”


“Well, for starters, you know you need water to stay alive. You need a minimum of a half-gallon a day just to stay hydrated. That’s if it’s not super-hot and you’re not sweating a lot.”


Alisa looked at Nick. “So, I need to keep a gallon and a half of water in my buck-out bag?” “It’s bug out, like get out of town.


Not necessarily. You could, but a gallon weighs eight pounds, so your bag would be twelve pounds before you put anything else in it. I’d recommend keeping a half-gallon in your bag and getting a good light- weight water filter. Then, you can reuse your containers and refill them whenever you came across another water source. Streams, lakes, ponds and creeks are pretty common in this part of the country. If you lived in the desert, that would be a different story. You’d have no other choice but to keep the full three days of water in your pack.”


Danny listened closely to what Nick was saying. “How much does a good filter cost?”

“You can get a good one for under a hundred dollars. Katadyn and MSR both make high-quality portable filters.”


“Since we would be traveling together, could Alisa and I share one?”


Nick nodded. “Yes, but whichever one of you isn’t carrying the filter should at least be carrying water purification tablets. You can buy them online for five or ten bucks. Water is too important. You don’t want something to happen to one of your backpacks, then you’d both be up a creek. You also need some type of shelter. You can find a small emergency tent for around twenty-five dollars. Just make sure it weighs less than five pounds and try to find something in an earth tone color…

And the above is just a taste.  The book is filled with preparedness advice.  You might even find yourself writing down some of the advice to research a little further.

But for me, the main reason I really enjoyed this book is because Mark weaves in so much of the Bible. In fact, if you are a Christian Prepper, you might find some good Scripture and rationales for why you believe what you believe.  Or, it might even challenge you, stretch you and increase your faith.

In one scene of the book, Danny and Alisa have a discussion with Pastor Earl, the groups pastor in Savannah, Georgia.

“Pastors have also sat idly by while our country has abused our monetary system. Not that it was a sustainable system in the first place, but that’s another rabbit trail that we won’t go down tonight.  But, ancient Israel’s prosperity was directly linked to their obedience to God, throughout the Hebrew Scriptures.”


“What does that have to do with America? We’re not Israel.” Alisa put her chin on her hand and her elbow on her knee as she leaned in for the pastor’s response.


The pastor explained. “No, but in the book of Isaiah, God calls all the nations of the known world to account for their disobedience to him. Isaiah specifically has prophecies against the two major empires at the time, Babylon and Assyria. He also calls out Egypt, Cush, Moab, Damascus, and Tyre. Isaiah 34 is a blanket judgment to all nations. If God’s curses for disobedience are applicable to all nations, we might assume that his blessings for obedience could also be incurred. Does that make sense?”


Danny nodded. “Yeah, it’s a lot to take in.”

I highly recommend Behold, Darkness and Sorrow: Seven Cows, Ugly and Gaunt, Book 1.  Again, I will warn anyone who picks this book up, like Mark’s other books, this is strongly Christian based.  If you don’t want to read a whole lot of Bible thumping, don’t get this book.  But, if you are a Christian Prepper, or just a Christian, you will find this book entertaining, inspirational and encouraging.

I listen to books on audio.  I think the voice who narrates the book does a good job.  The book is also available on Kindle and Paperback.  At the time of this review, this book has over 150 reviews and is rated 4.5 stars.  If you haven’t read it, you should pick it up!

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