Blood Moons, Prophecy & The End

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I was out today, headed to a meeting when I decided to turn on the radio and search through the channels.  I stumbled on a prophecy show (it’s Sunday) that I have never heard before.  I decided to listen for a bit to see what the radio host and the interviewee had to say.

I take End Time prophecy with a grain of salt, like most conspiracy theories.  In my life, I have heard so many different views and theories on the Book of Revelation and the End Times that it isn’t even funny.  One could say that I’m a little burned out on it.  If you are interested, I shared my views here.

There wasn’t anything else on, so I decided to stick with the prophecy show, Olive Tree Ministries.  The show’s host, Jan Markell, was interviewing Pastor Mark of El Shaddai Ministries.  I’ll have to admit that the show was very interesting.  I have never heard of the blood moon prophecy/theory.

I believe that God gives us signs.  I believe that these signs can be in the “heavens.”  If you have never visited the website, The Star of Bethlehem, it will blow you away!  Click the “Study” tab and start at part 1.  This guy is a professor at Texas A&M. If you ever get the chance to watch his live presentation, it is worth it.  WARNING – don’t buy the DVD, it is crap (can I say that about something religious? ;-).

Anyway, listening to the radio show kept me intrigued.  Enough so that when I was able to, I started looking up Blood Moons.  I found a lot of information, but for me, I want to find information that backs up claims with Bible references.  I want to share two resources that I think are valuable to you.

The first is a video from End Time Magazine.  I haven’t thoroughly looked through this website, but it looks interesting.  What I appreciate is that the guy in the video doesn’t seem to sensationalize prophecy.


The second resource is a link to an article that was posted on Before It’s News.  This guy says everything I would want to say and even quotes Amos 3:7, the Scripture that got me prepping in the first place.

Here is the link – The Coming Blood Moons.

What do you think?  Is Bible Prophecy the Christian’s version of conspiracy theories?  There is a lot of crap (did I just say that again?) out there.  It’s big business…fear mongering and the like.  However, I do think that believers should be aware of the “times.”  You just have to shift through the crap.  (OH MY GOODNESS, MY MOM IS GOING TO BEAT ME!)

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