Book Considerations for your BOB

A bug out bag is a sign of emergency preparedness; a stash of food, water and sufficient supplies and equipment to ensure survival for at least 72 hours following an emergency; be it a natural disaster like an earthquake or solar storm or terrorist attack or other man-made catastrophe or accident. Knowing exactly what to pack into the bug out bag can be hard work, requiring deep thought and careful consideration of the pros and cons of taking each item.

Given the great weight of water – one commodity that cannot be reduced, compressed or shrunk in any way – there is not a great deal of space or weight left for everything else to promote health and survival after a disaster. Therefore the inclusion of books into a bug out bag may seem to be counter-intuitive. However, in the wake of a disaster it is entirely feasible that satellites, cell towers and other communications may be out service or that electronic equipment may have been affected and no longer work properly. Therefore having some vital information in the form of books is an absolute must.

Survival Information
A book containing all the relevant information on how to build a shelter that is rugged and wind- and water-proof, details of how to survive in the wild by finding water and edible plants, animals and insects and how to safely travel through unknown terrain can be invaluable.

Emergency Medical Treatment
Knowing how to treat minor injuries like sprains and strains and how to set broken bones and recognise the symptoms of common illnesses and ailments can be life-threatening when there is no easy access to a hospital or trauma centre. Buy a book that details  common illnesses and injuries and how to treat them. Also important is information on the warning signs of life-threatening developments like shock, sepsis or blood loss.

Map Books and Atlas
Living and travelling on the land requires intimate knowledge of the hazards that might pose a risk to the party of survivors. Flash-floods, high crumbling cliffs and other physical drawbacks can be safely avoided while travelling to designated meeting points  or to the next town or city.

Having a properly prepared and packed bug out bag available at a moment’s notice can be immensely reassuring and helpful to a group of people ripped away from normality and thrust into an unfamiliar world where survival is the only consideration for the immediate future, and books can provide the knowledge that will enable as many people as possible to work through this traumatic time safely.

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For your BOB

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