Bugging Out & Relocating – What to Do When Staying Is Not an Option!

Bugging Out & Relocating

Bugging Out & Relocating

When I started in preparedness, I tried to “take-in” as much information as I could.  I still do  when it comes to finding articles to post on Prepper Website.  But lately, one person in the preparedness community that I have come to really listen to and respect is Fernando Aguirre (aka Ferfal).  I think that Aguirre brings experience and insight that many in the United States haven’t experienced, especially when it comes to urban survival and economic collapse.  I haven’t finished his first book yet, Surviving the Economic Collapse, but from what I have read, I would already recommend it.

Aguirre is a proponent of “bugging-in” when you can.  His first book deals with this extensively.  However, his most recent book discusses “bugging-out.”  He has first hand experience in this too, as he recently left Argentina.

Aquirre shares some info about his new book below…

Bugging Out & Relocating” is the “homework” I did for leaving Argentina.

This is about what I actually did, picking up a couple suitcases each, leaving everything behind and moving to a country I had never set foot on before. I basically did so by doing what I explain in this book. Surprisingly, it worked out pretty well. Some friends have told me about how “lucky” I was leaving Argentina just before it got even worse after Cristina Kirchner’s reelection. There’s always luck involved, but it was a lot of careful planning, researching and knowing the red flags to look for so as to know when you have to leave.  In this book I explain the criteria used, both for choosing a country and for knowing when to leave, some of the best options in terms of countries to relocate to, the various charts and rankings I took into consideration as well as plans laid out in case we had to bug out ahead of time within Argentina. I’m not much of a writer but I believe in the information provided in this book because it did work for me and maybe one day it will work for you too.

I wrote “Bugging Out & Relocating” because it applies to everyone, even if you’re not planning on going anywhere and you’re happy where you are, or even worse, if you think you’re already at your Bug Out Location (tip, such thing is not possible, when you live there, its no longer a potential BOL ) .

My first book, “The Modern Survival Manual”, was intended as a modern day, urban survival manual but it was clearly geared towards bugging in, staying put and getting by as best as you can, but as I explain in that same book, sometimes you don’t have an option, sometimes the only thing left to do is leave. I’m talking here about anything from a house fire, flood, various natural disasters, war, slow social collapse or a good old foreclosure. This book is about you not getting to choose if you stay or if you go.

This book is divided in two parts. Part I is about being ready to bug out when you simply have no choice but to evacuate. Anything from a house fire, flood,  hurricane or any other disaster that forces you to leave your current location. Part II is about Bugging Out Abroad, and extreme case of bugging out where you have to leave the entire country behind, either because of clear, direct threats or because of a slow degradation of quality of life. Here I cover some of the possible countries, include several charts and rankings to help make up your mind about any country not mentioned and I go a bit into relocating within USA as well.
Hope you guys enjoy it and let me know what you think once you get the chance to read it! Thank you all so much for your support over the years. I can’t thank you enough.

“Bugging Out & Relocating” is about what to do when staying is not an option. House fires, floods, storms, war or social collapse among countless other potential disasters may leave you with no other option but to leave. In his second book, Fernando Aguirre again writes from his personal experience and shares with the readers the research and criteria he used himself when he decided to leave everything behind. In this book you will find recommended countries, U.S. States and advice on Bugging Out both locally and Abroad.


Aguirre blogs over at The Modern Survivalist.  He also posts many helpful videos on Youtube.



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