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Just wanted to share a few changes concerning Ed that Matters.

In the past, EtM was a catch-all for my rantings on preparedness or education.  It was also a place where I posted guest posts from people interested in contributing to Prepper Website.  However, this last Summer, I decided to make EtM my personal blog on preparedness.  So, I will only post articles that I have written.  If someone is interested in guest posting, I will point them to Your Preparedness Story.

I also moved the newsletter from Feedburner to Mailchimp.  For some odd reason, I could never control how the articles looked on Feedburner.  Sometimes the articles were spaced accordingly, other times the sentences ran altogether.  Mailchimp offers me a lot more formatting options.  Along with moving to Mailchimp, I created a gift for anyone signing up for the EtM newsletter.

Anyone who signs up will receive access to download the Family Emergency Contact PDF.  This PDF allows you to input all of your immediate family phone numbers, along with local fire, police (other than 911), hospital, family Dr., schools, etc…  The cool thing about this document is that you can save it and edit it later as needed.  You can print off multiple copies to give to your family to keep in purses, backpacks, vehicles, BOB’s, etc…  You can even email it to everyone so they can access it on their phone.  The PDF also has an area where you can include who to contact to leave messages if you can’t contact your immediate family locally (think family member in a different state), a place where you can document meet up information and a place for other misc. info.  This is a pretty cool PDF that you get for just signing up below!


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I also created a page of my Top 10 articles.  If you are interested in checking them out, you can view them here.

And lastly, I created an Amazon Affiliate Store.  When someone purchases from my Amazon Store, Ed that Matters and Prepper Website gets a little percentage.  This percentage helps to support EtM and Prepper Website.  The cool thing is that even if you don’t purchase any of the items in the store, but still purchase SOMETHING from Amazon, it goes towards our support.  The items that I’m placing in the store are items that I have purchased and use myself.

Again, thanks for your support and I hope to interact with more of you in the comments section.




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