“Watching” the Collapse in the United States


What Does A Collapse

in the United States Look Like?


The Preparedness Community talks a lot about collapse.  Books are written, articles are posted, podcasts are produced, videos are uploaded that all discuss this topic.  We can look at various countries around the world like Venezuela, Argentina and Greece who have collapsed.  We can even look to history and study collapsed empires.  But we don’t really know what a collapse in The United States would really look like.  We can only imagine what it might “look like.”

One powerful medium to help us imagine what life might be like in a collapse scenario is video.  We have become a visual society, getting our information and learning more and more from videos.  This is apparent when you realize that Youtube is the second biggest search engine behind Google.


The Colony Collapse in the United States


One of the videos that I tend to think about when I think of collapse is the TV series The Colony.  The Colony was produced by The Discovery Channel.  They released two seasons of the show.  The idea behind the show was to throw a group of 10 people together to see how they would survive in a collapse scenario.

Although I enjoyed both seasons, I really thought season one was valuable to the new prepper.  The group deals with the need to have the essentials in an urban setting.  The group also has to learn how to deal with many other scenarios that would come in a collapse scenario within their urban setting, like looters, gangs, scrounging for resources etc.

I watched this series early on in my preparedness.  I recently thought about this first season after asking the question on the Prepper Website Facebook Group, “If you could have anyone on your survival team, real or imaginary (like from a movie or book), who would it be? AND WHY?”

There is one person in this season that I would want to have in my survival group.  If you watch the season, you’ll quickly know who I’m talking about.  His skills and knowledge would be way too valuable to not have in your group!

Luckily, because of Youtube, you can easily watch all of Season 1.  I’ve included Season 1, Episode 1 here below.  When you are ready to watch the rest of the series, you can CLICK HERE.  They are all there and it is fun, entertaining and eye-opening as it can give you an idea of what you might encounter in a collapse.

Enjoy the Show!  And if you feel like leaving your takeaways, feel free to do it in the comment section.




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