Concealed Carry Options with the ZFI Dolphin Star Concealed Carry Gun Holster Bag


The ability to conceal carry is something that many in the preparedness and survival community agree on.  How to effectively conceal carry is another topic.  Should you OWB (outside of the waistband), or IWB (inside of the waistband)?  What kind of gun belt should you use?  Which is the best holster and so forth are all questions that the concealed carrier must wrestle with?  Preppers who are researching the best fit for themselves want to have concealed carry options.

One other major dilemma that those who are looking to conceal carry might run into is that they might not have the ability to conceal carry at all times.  For example, there are some employers that won’t allow their employees to conceal carry.  And doing so would mean immediate termination.  As a result, the person wanting to carry might struggle with getting used to carrying.  And depending on the type of holster, there will need to be differences in pants size since an IWB holster will require the carrier to wear a bigger size to accommodate the holster.

Another issue in concealed carry determination will be with those who are overweight.  Overweight carriers have another set of issues on top of the issues discussed already.  And although the case can be made that those who are overweight need to lose weight, the desire for concealed carry options still arise.

A Serious Concealed Carry Option

One option that is available is the Marom Dolphin Star Bag Concealed Gun Holster by ZFI Inc.  The Star Bag is a multi-pocket bag that allows you to carry all your most important items, including your gun and extra magazines, along with extra supplies like your wallet, phone, and even first aid supplies.  The Star Bag utilizes a quick release tab that allows you to unzip the flap to gain quick access to your firearm.  ZFI Inc built this tab into both sides of the firearm flap so that the bag becomes ambidextrous to the carrier.

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At under $42, this concealed carry bag is a valid option for those who don’t feel comfortable carrying their firearm on their belt.  The bag comes in black and Ranger green.  You can purchase the Marom Dolphin Star Bag on the ZFI Inc website or on Amazon.

NOTE: I don’t believe that anyone should share real pics of their firearms online.  What you will see below are pics of the Dolphin Star Bag with a plastic pellet gun.


Concealed Carry Bag

I’m right-handed, but the Dolphin Star Bag can easily be worn on the left side.


Concealed Carry Holster Bag

The Marom Dolphin Star Bag is big enough to hold everything you need, yet small enough to not be a bother when you are going about your day.


Conceal Carry Options

The bag has plenty of room to easily access your most important items, like your wallet.


Quick Release Buckle System for Conceal Carry

The quick release buckle system allows the carrier to easily access their extra mag while making the flap very secure.


Conceal Carry Options for Fat People

Pulling up the flap reveals two pockets; one for an extra mag and another for your phone.


Conceal Carry for Overweight People

The huge pocket under the flap provides enough space for first aid supplies or anything else you might want to carry. Pictured: An Israeli bandage, gloves and a flashlight.


Concealed Carry Bag

The Dolphin Star Bag is ruggedly constructed and attention to detail shows, even in the pull strings that won’t unravel or easily fall off.


Firearm Holster Bag

The bag contains another huge pocket that will allow the carrier to stow away even more items. This would be perfect for other EDC items.


Concealed Carry Bag ZFI Inc

The pull tabs allow the carrier to easily access their firearm.


Concealed Carry Holster Bag

The Star Bag has two pull tabs so that it can be used by right-handed or left-handed carriers.


CCL Holster Options

Your firearm will sit securely in the stretchy, Velcro-secured paddle. This system allows for many different styles and sizes of firearms to be used.


Concealed Carry Options - Bag Carry

The firearm paddle can be removed from the Velcro if it needs to be positioned for easier access.


Concealed Carry

The bag has a loop in the back.



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