Conflicted: The Death Penalty When the SHTF – What Would You Do?

Conflicted: BEFORE the SHTF!


Conflicted is a Survival Card Game.  Each card in the deck has a scenario that will stretch how you would respond in an SHTF situation.  What would you do?  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!


SCENARIO – List 5 crimes punishable by death in a post-apocalyptic world that in the world of today do not carry that sentence.



 Hick’s Law in Survival Situations


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15 thoughts on “Conflicted: The Death Penalty When the SHTF – What Would You Do?

  1. fifth_disciple

    None, I realize that in the “Old West” they hung horse thieves but the point of prepping is to survive and rebuild not devolve into anarchy.

  2. RangerRick

    I have no spare logistics to support evil doers and I have no desire to cut them loose so they can continue their evil ways. I have worked prisons, been in law enforcement and was in Special Forces. I know that most of these folks go back to what they have done before.

    These new terrorist coming into our Country have been arrested deported numerous times and here they are again – being evil. Our Court system is screwed up beyond belief.
    Look at Europe – they allow these Terrorist to rape little boys and the women in their Countries. Where the hell are the men. A Green Beret friend who was over seas stopped a Muslim Mayor or Police Chief, from raping a little boy in the camp. I believe my friend beat on the sick SOB until he was removed from camp. OUR Army threw the elite soldier out of the military.

    They screw up in my part of the country when things fo sideways ,hang them or shoot them.

  3. vocalpatriot

    In a shtf type scenario, the death penalty, by it’s nature,
    must be an answer to life threatening cases.
    But ONLY those cases.
    Theft is NOT one of those..with some exceptions.
    Horses in the old west were the life line for folks,
    so horse theft was tantamount to murder.
    The death penalty should not be taken lightly
    especially in austere conditions.
    therefore, it seems to me that in a shtf situation,
    The death penalty should be used more SPARINGLY
    than we consider today.
    Every soul has value to our creator,
    how much greater than he am I?
    Since the answer to that is fairly obvious,
    then It should be equally obvious that
    what I value should be the same.

    1. lonewolf.

      theft of food from the groups stores could put the survival of the group in jeopardy, therefore in a WROL situation death of the miscreant may be the only option.
      banishment may not be suitable as he may meet others of his ilk once removed from the area they now know where your group is and what supplies you have and may come back, not just one person but several maybe many.
      its up to you, but it may be necessary for the survival of the group.
      is the death of one individual more important than the lives of your group or family?

  4. Survivormann99

    Perhaps more information is needed about what constitutes a post-Apocalyptic world. One person’s definition of post-Apocalyptic may be radically different than another’s.

    Are we talking about a “Mad Max World” where there is no such thing as law enforcement protection of any type? Or are we talking about a post-Katrina world where law enforcement is strained beyond its limits, but is likely to return along with the rule of law at some point?

    In early colonial times, there were no such things as prisons. Jails were used to house prisoners until a trial took place. Hanging was the result for convictions involving a range of offenses, and physical punishment was used for lesser offenses. No “correctional system” was in place to house convicts for years. A prisoner was tried, convicted, sentenced, and the sentence was carried out. Then everyone moved on, including the prisoner if he avoided hanging.

    In a “Mad Max World,” I believe that the death penalty would be far more likely for many offenses. If a rapist, child molester, or serious thief were released, they would more than likely return to their old ways if there was no fear of serious punishment.

    So, as starters, I would suggest that rape, child molestation, “serious theft” (not petty theft), armed robbery (theft using violence or threats of violence), and treason (where treachery was committed involving the “tribe,” whatever that may be) might be useful additions to the capital crime list.

  5. Michael

    No way to care for prisoners – not jailers – in emergency situations – beating, maiming or death by a codified set of rules:

    No one is convicted of a crime unless they are caught in the act or confessed; banishment may be considered by the entire group – banishment will include the entire immediate household unit husband, wife, adult and minor children living within the household – remaining within the area will result in death of the household unit;

    Slavery is punished by death;

    Murder is punished by death;

    Kidnapping is punished by death;

    Selling of women into marriage is punished by death;

    Adulterers are to be put to death;

    Traitorous activity, putting the group at risk, is punished by death;

    Leaders who fail in their duty will be punished by blows by a rod; ten for the first offense, 30 for the second and death for the 3rd;

    Any group member that abandons his duties to protect the group is punished by death;

    Stealing draft animals is to be punished by death (in order to ensure a food supply during winter). Horse thieves will be branded or put to death. Meat animal thieves will have his left hand cut off, 2nd offense be put to death;

    Raising a weapon towards another caused the aggressor to have his hand cut off, whether he strikes or not;

    A petty thief will be punished by blows by a rod: ten for each item stolen;

    Polluting water (chemicals, human waste, bathing or livestock) is punished by blows by a rod; ten for the first offense, 30 for the second and death for the 3rd;

    Those providing essential services are exempt from tithing to the welfare of the group including religious leaders, doctors and undertakers, legalists, teachers and scholars;

    The property of a person deceased belong to whoever had looked after the deceased;

    1. Juan

      Adulterers are to receive the death penalty? You must have been the victim of said offense.

      You are a real hardass brother!

  6. Survivormann99

    I am not sure if my previous submission in response to Michael’s posting was rejected, or whether it simply didn’t reach you, so I will try again with this slightly different version:

    Michael, I am no authority on Sharia Law, but it strikes me that much of what you propose is akin to it.

    Mohammed was running around Saudi Arabia in the 7th Century, I believe. In my message, I mentioned that in early colonial times that there were no prisons, no Department of Corrections. In 7th Century Saudi Arabia, that was no doubt true in spades. A great deal of Sharia Law probably made more sense in the 7th Century, e.g., lopping off a thief’s hand. Again, I am not an authority on Sharia Law, so I don’t want to get in an argument about many other aspects of it.

    Of course, the problem is that the world has advanced beyond the 7th Century–except for a large part of the Muslim population who cling to Sharia Law. From time to time after some great international event/terrorist strike, someone proposes bombing a Muslim country “back to the Middle Ages.” But really, what’s that going to set them back? Two, maybe three years?

    In a Mad Max World society would be back in the Middle Ages, or worse. I expect that penalties for crimes will become much harsher and will come to resemble Sharia Law in many aspects. The death penalty, physical beatings, and branding will be common place. And, as no prison system will be available, most of the justice will be quickly meted out on a one-on-one basis, often on the spot, by those who catch the perpetrators.

    In England in the Middle Ages, when an individual was harmed, he and his family would retaliate against the perpetrator and/or his family. Because violence became uncontrolled at times with all of the acts of revenge taking place, the king stepped in and set up courts to deal with grievances, the premise being that the king’s court would resolve grievances under the law.

    Today, we depend on the rule of law to punish wrongdoers. If “the king’s courts” are no longer operational after a societal meltdown, then aggrieved parties will once again deliver their own brand of justice, and it will no doubt be what is deemed as being harsh today. Vigilante justice will be the norm.

    In a dystopian novel I recently read, a female character is confronted by two men that the author makes clear are intending to rape her. She shoots and wounds one, and then makes her getaway before she kills either of them. While some readers might applaud her behavior, consider that what her character did was to leave these fictional characters alive and on the loose so that they could carry out the same animal-like behavior on others.

    Given the choice she had, did she really do the right thing in its true moral sense?

  7. Phred

    I have no desire to be judge, jury, or executioner. It is unclear what type of court system would still be in place. WHO will judge ? Hmmmm, a slippery slope.
    I will say this, anyone who endangers myself or family will be shot. That includes theft of food or supplies.

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