Conflicted: First Moves After the EMP – What Would You Do?

Conflicted - EMP

Conflicted Survival Game:



Conflicted is a Survival Game.  Each card in the deck has a scenario that will stretch how you would respond in an SHTF situation.  What would you do?  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!


SCENARIO – You are alone, driving out of state when all of the sudden your car dies.  You realize your car died and so did everyone else’s.  Nobody’s phones are working.  You have the sinking feeling that an Electromagnetic Pulse went off.

You are surrounded by strangers from all walks of life.  Everyone has very limited resources.  Would you join forces or disappear on your own? What would be your main goal after this decision?

Watch – Blackout: Cripple A Nation!


Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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14 thoughts on “Conflicted: First Moves After the EMP – What Would You Do?

  1. Doug Hill

    Oh wow difficult scenario. My first thought is pretty worldly and it would be to get alone and get back to my family. But the truth is I have new thoughts that the Creator has given me. My family is protected. These strangers that are from all walks are now my neighbors and I am going to help them to the best of my ability. Doug <

  2. mark haney

    i always keep a get home bag in my vehicle for myself and my wife along with other survival tools in the tool box in the bed of my truck. i would go through the packs insuring what i would need to take with me if i were alone. if my wife is with me we would put on our packs and move off the road in the direction of home taking the extra food and water in another easy to carry bag and put my IWB carry weapon in an OSW holster as my wife would too and take the extra magazines from my truck and carry on belt. hunker down till dark then start the trek home.

  3. Phred

    I agree with D B. Head for the hunker down location. That’s where all my prepps are. Desperation probably has not set in yet, travel would be somewhat safe. If things started looking ugly, get off the road. Depending where you are, it might be a lot closer cross country. Avoid the crowds. Keep your eyes open and gather intel as you go.

  4. D. B.

    Grab my gear outta the truck … Check it, load mags for the primary, on foot start looking for a bike and make as much travel as I can b 4 the crazy time starts

  5. Phred

    No way I would end his life. That is just the way I am. We would deal with it the best we could, as long as we could. That is what God would expect us to do.
    I have always said… SHTF… We must hold on to our humanity. Not caring about each other is a lot of what has brought us to this point.

  6. Nemo

    Alone, out of state… depending not the state there may not be reciprocity so I depending I may not have my firearm. That’s all I’d take, go gray mode immediately and move! Time is of the essence. My priority is my family. Without, I could care less about survival. So that’s my mission. Knowing I have to travel a great distance and within a few days before the SHTF, for them, for me. On foot, I’m good to go 20 miles in 2 hrs without water (conditioned and tested). All while searching for a bike because that can double that rate. “Time is of the essence” – always repeating that in my head – mission; to meet at rally point. So with hope, resourcefulness (there’s always a bicycle around and I’m good at riding small 20” BMX to fully tour/race and know how to repair them) and with some luck (finding water sources, food scraps in trash still fresh for the first day/two), I’d hope to travel 150-200 miles within 72 hours. I’ll be depleated and probably in very poor health when arriving at rally point but that was the mission. Group survival is the next phase. Stay gray, receive emergency medical from caring preppers offering what we have stashed at rally point as barter. Get back health while organizing security force and leadership team. Phase 3; world domination! Become dictator and then become overthrown and start the new world order…hahaha, all while having a good sense of humor. We’re going to need it if this happens.

  7. Western-team

    This is one I contemplate often during a monthly recurring 4-hour drive. I’ve driven the route enough to scope out the railroad that parallels the highway I take, so hitting the trail is my plan. Taking a path on the far side of the railroad grade is my likely route, as much of the distance is scrub desert, so farther from the railroad won’t make me less visible to those on the road. Wherever it occurs, it’s up to 200 miles to walk to the best place. The good news is that there are many windmill-driven cattle tanks along the route, so water may not be a big issue. The standard stuff in our vehicle includes a collapsible cart and a couple of plastic boxes filled with gear for the walk. Gear includes a change of shoes and socks, sun hat, jacket, tarp, some light camping items, extra ammo, food, water and filters, etc.. If it happens in summer, walking would be at night. I don’t know if I would take a ‘buddy’ from among others stranded on the road. If so, it would need to be someone who is prepared/equipped similarly to me.

  8. Hog Jowl Homestead

    Id start walking home, with my get home bag along the way i was traveling id ask where people are headed, if its my way then come along. Even to the point of slowing me down id help a family even with youngsters. Yes i would share my resources, theres a good chance we would starve to death but id rather go without eating than a random persons baby. Jesus didnt put us on this earth to live as long as possible.

  9. Novice

    I’ve mentioned this in other forums but I think it’s good advice that someone shared with me. If cars aren’t running and you need to go a long distance think “bicycle” before you try to walk the whole way. Just about every garage in America has a bike or two in it somewhere (in various states of use or misuse). I carry some cash in my emergency bag that I plan on using to get a bike if I’m away from home. In the early stages of a disaster I would go door to door explaining my predicament and asking if they would be willing to part with two wheeler to help me out. I also carry a blank check in case I run across a store that sells them (and other necessary supplies). Even if the credit card reader isn’t working some places will still take a check or cash to keep the customer’s happy.


    1. Doug

      I had to laugh out loud when I read that the OP thinks he can use a check to buy something after SHTF.

      I carry CASH and a bag of silver coins, along with a S & W model 60.

  10. Novice

    In the early stages you ABSOLUTELY be able to buy with goods with a check. I am a manager at a retail establishment and when the power goes out we ONLY accept cash or check. Don’t be so quick to dismiss good ideas.

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