Conflicted: – Friend Snaps – What Would You Do?

Conflicted Survival Game:



Conflicted is a Survival Game.  Each card in the deck has a scenario that will stretch how you would respond in an SHTF situation.  What would you do?  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!


SCENARIO – At the edge of the collapse, a close friend who isn’t a prepper begs you to help buy him and his young family some supplies.  Upon your arrival, the supermarket is packed with people who want to secure supplies as well, and emotions are running high.

Your friend separates from you to grab something, and suddenly an argument breaks out over food.  Three men try to intimidate your friend.  He snaps and pulls out a weapon, incapacitating two of the men.  Chaos takes over, the police are on their way.  What would you do in this situation?

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15 thoughts on “Conflicted: – Friend Snaps – What Would You Do?

  1. Horse

    Continue getting supplies…
    Separate myself from him entirely, he made a bad decision and I can’t do anything with that.
    Continue getting what I can of supplies, a second trip if at all possible and give what I can to his family.

  2. Doug Hill

    Just don’t know what I would do anymore. Being a person we are designed by our Creator to be social and caring. But that being said He is the only one that has not let me down. I have become a solitudinarian over the years. I often wonder how I would respond to such a situation. Love reading everyone else’s inputs. Doug<

  3. Dare Tuitt

    As soon as my friend fired his gun, he was on his own. I would continue gathering items and then assess the situation. Were the police called? Has an ambulance arrived to help the wounded? If so, my friend is now in custody and my new immediate goal would be to get home and take the items to his family. If the police/ambulance were not called, I would linger as long as I could safely do so in my vehicle, with all the items, until it was clear he was not leaving with me. Then I would see that his family got those items and tell his wife the bad news.

  4. mark haney

    it sounds like his friend didn’t have the opportunity to purchase any food. when he fired his weapon he put himself in harms way. leave before the chaos engulfs you too.

  5. D. Smith

    The very first thing is to attempt caring for the wounded men if my “friend” will let me. Try easing the situation by asking others to help and also try to send someone to get first aid materials. If my friend is smart he will try to get away without further confrontation. If he will not allow first aid and continues threatening behavior then he is on his own and I will try removing myself from the chaos. I am sorry but his family is going to have to wait until he is in jail for me to help even if I help with some of my own supplies later. Pulling and using his weapon was a very bad decision on his part and may be very detrimental to the welfare of his family.

  6. Cry Havoc

    For 99.9% of my friends, I would tell him to get the hell out of there ,and I will pick him up down the road at a place picked at random at that moment. Continue to buy the food for his family and attempt to extract him at the hasty rallying point. I do have one man in my social circle, That I trust with my life several times over. I know that if he starts shooting, It’s time for me to join in. In his case (assuming the collapse is occurring now) I would probably go to my truck in the parking lot, grab my carbine, and we would set up a hasty ambush for anyone who dares involve themselves in our affairs. There are NO promises in combat. There is No such thing as an innocent bystander. Like I said, our history is such, That I owe him my life .I could never abandon him,nor he abandon me.

  7. billy dixon

    do you really think the cops will come? they are too busy taking care of themselves. i hope you and your friend had an exit plan and will meet yp at prearranged location. i think every one in store will just grab what they can and split the scene.

  8. Phred

    There was no need for deadly force. My ” friend ” has made another bad decision. He is on his own.
    A grocery store in a panic situation is not a good place to be. That is why I prep. To avoid this sort of thing.
    There will be a lot of people that find themselves in bad situations.
    You can`t help them all.

  9. Illini Warrior

    “edge of collapse” – any prepper newbie learns firstly that you prep NOW because of that exact supermarket chaos you describe – no veteran prepper would do a ride along under those conditions and most certainly would have documented resources for “last minute” shopping that best bypass the chaos …

    in regard to the shooting – prepper wisdom isn’t abounding here – I’m guessing he drove and now you’re screwed making a departure home – compounding the situation by leaving with him or showing complicity triples your jeopardy ….

  10. Cass

    I agree with most of the previous posters. He is on his own when he pulls a gun in a crowd. I would high tail it out of there.

    However, I wouldn’t find myself in that situation because I have no friends that would ask that of me. And if one did have the nerve to ask, I would turn them down….they are on their own if they choose not to prep. (We get a lot of snow here….if for no other reason they should have preps on hand)

  11. Between Three Centuries

    I have seen this kind of scenario which could lead to this type of incident taking place. However, I did not need to go to the store or even into town to get anything because I already had everything that was needed to make it for months. The people that did have to go to the store did not have any problems because the owners of the stores would even provide you with a flashlight if you needed one. You went in got what you needed and paid with cash, or check or IOU. Everything would be sorted out in the future weeks and months to come when the power was restored. Because this was a short term crisis. These are the kind of people that would shoot an asshole though and not think twice about it. Every body was calm and cool so there was no need for panic or firearms to be drawn. That is the difference between a community of people that have their shit together and a bunch of urban idiots. If the crisis was short term, and localized, there was no need to start blasting people in that situation. In a long, long, long term crisis where there is no possibility of a return to normal civility in years or decades, all bets are off for the common mob. After people come together in common groups and localized communities and are working together for the common good of every one in their community, then there will have to be some ground rules. These rules will be harsh for some things that we would not be so strict on today and relaxed on other things that today are just plain ridiculous. For example if some one stole your horse, they would be executed. If they were selling raw milk with out a permit, selling or trading pain killing herbs or manufacturing explosives, who gives a shit. This also reminds me of a time when I went into a local store in Lydia Louisiana and the four or five people I was with, including me were all carrying 9mm or 45cal sidearm. When we went into the store to pay for the gas for the boat and the supplies we saw that everyone else in the store was armed. Why? Because everyone was going out into the marshes on the coast and if you go without a firearm you are a dumbass.

  12. fifth_disciple

    A close friend who isn’t a prepper? I guess that’s why I only have a few friends, they’re all close and all understand the need to prep. Now, CCW rule. #1 never pull a gun unless it’s to save a life. Since our hypothetical “close friend” “snapped” I’ll presume the three gents didn’t pose a lethal threat to him. I’d disarm the friend then begin first aid on the the two victims and have someone call law enforcement. Being on “the edge of collapse” doesn’t excuse us from the appropriate behavior. Until it is clear that we are WROL we have to act as if there is. If law enforcement fails to respond then all the rules change.

  13. Walker

    It’s the edge of collapse, so civility is already breaking down. People are starting to tribe up, including the police. Heck, the police might not even be responding to stuff like that. Anyone who would leave his “close” friend on his own after a situation like what’s described, ain’t worth much. We’d be leaving quickly, together. Would never even cross my mind to Run away and leave him there. I guess people define close friend differently.

  14. Barry Brumfield

    Hmm… Todd, that’s a thought provoking scenario. “Edge of collapse” leaves the preface in question as to whether times are desperate enough to procure needed supplies by use of force. Another question would be, did the men intimidate your friend with physical attack or merely words? Either way, what is done is done, and I would now advise my friend to quickly leave the premises, go hide at an agreed upon location where I could pick him up later, and buy basic supplies for him myself. I am a survivalist and have been preparing for three years now for what I know is coming. By process of elimination I have no friends who would need to depend on me to make up for their lack of due diligence in preparing when things begin to fall apart. So in saying that, as you can imagine, I have few friends. My closest neighbors here in the Missouri Ozarks are all survivalists, preppers, hunters, farmers, and the most self sufficient people I’ve ever known. We all have supplies stored away, but we also have two small village stores within 6 miles of us for last minute topping off of our gasoline supplies and basic foods, a small town with hardware, Walmart, Lowes, farm supplies, and gun supplies 16 miles from here, and small city with hundreds of stores to choose from including a Sam’s for quantity goods 60 miles from here. For two years before moving here last July I warned my city friends to begin preparing for hard times, they didn’t listen, I moved away from them, and they will be on their own when the trouble begins. I won’t feel guilty if they suffer, and I won’t be bringing them to the store to stock up last minute either. Thanks for the time you take to keep up this great web site. Brum

  15. PrepperDan

    Good scenario. Well for one, as soon as shoots ring out and chaos takes over, I don’t think there will be anyone left there taking money for goods. I will tell my friend to hit the road back to his house with whatever he has and I will finish up and meet up with him on the way back to his house. For two, if chaos is breaking out at this store then it’s breaking out all over, so cops on their way? Maybe, to escort the paramedics, but they will be responding to 911 calls to protect city officials and important infrastructure. If it’s the edge of collapse, that tells me society is already on a downward spiral and a full collapse is imminent.

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