Conflicted: Psychological Barriers – What Would You Do?

The game BEFORE the SHTF!

Conflicted is a Survival Card Game.  Each card in the deck has a scenario that will stretch how you would respond in an SHTF situation.  What would you do?  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

SCENARIO – Your bug out location is far off the beaten path, but you feel you need to put something as a barrier to discourage people from heading your way.  There aren’t enough materials to build a physical barrier, it has to be a psychological one that would cause people to turn away just from seeing it.  What kind of psychological barrier would you build and how would it be effective?

Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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9 thoughts on “Conflicted: Psychological Barriers – What Would You Do?

  1. Laura Tucker

    I would use a real body, with multiple empty shot gun shells laying strategically around it on the ground for effect. I am sure by this time, a dead body (possibly an intruder) would be available to use. I would not shoot anyone unless I had to. If I had some fake blood (which I actually do in my prep supplies), I would use that around the area of my bug out location as well. I like Leita’s idea of laying the body on the path. That way, people can see it from a distance before they get to your bug out location.

  2. Horse

    A trail of dead animals, anything like that would work.
    Spread it out over an area where you want people to avoid.

    Dead people would work best.
    Like the signs “tress passers will be shot” with a dead “something” or a human body under it or hanging below/above..
    next to.
    Finding that body.. depends on the situation.
    But really if things were that bad
    you’d have plenty of other issues to deal with.

  3. Jesse L Belville

    Obscure the trail, so no one sees it. Otherwise you are just advertising that you got something worth protecting and many will come to see with more people and guns,bows or spears than you have. Obscure all trails to you,obscure your presence without burning wood or food, cigarette smells.
    Cannot do it all by yourself. must have family or team or tribe to guard the area, see all intruders that approach and deal with them as needed. have a destroyed area that can be seen without evidence of anyone being there. If someone checks it nothing of value to be found so off they go. So many ways to figure it. so many ways to screw yourself.

  4. Cyan

    The most determined person isn’t likely to be scared off easily, and anything out of the ordinary may even attract more attention. What if a zombie calls for back-up? What if he doesn’t check in at the desired time and his people come looking?

    Simply put; I would conceal any trace of my presence and bait the zombies towards something more interesting. It’s a lot easier to hide in plain sight, than it is to make people lose interest in something out of the ordinary.

  5. Todd Sepulveda Post author

    I would put up “official looking” Virus Warning signs.

    If they passed those, I would leave what looked like used Hazmat suits with some smeared blood on the trail.

    If they passed that, I would have some sort of “medical-looking” supplies that looked used and bloody, even if it was dried blood, along the trail.

    Finally, I would put up Virus Warning signs on the house/shelter/BOL and board up the front door. I would try to have a secondary “hidden” door that I would use to enter the BOL.

    – Todd

  6. Brian Hawkins

    If it was very short term, I think the animal carcasses of animals I’ve hunted on easier entry points might a deterrent. Ideally, they would be in a “smelly” state of decay. They would need to look like they were ravaged by a large wild animal, not put there by a human. It wouldn’t take long for the animals and bugs to play their roll in the process so it would only be a temporary solution.

    Trip lines with an audible warning would alert them you were around but might also send them away (temporarily) because they would know sneaking up on you is no longer an option.

    I thought of this one from Todd’s virus Warning sign idea. I have no idea where to get anything like this but some radiation signs with the trefoil warning symbol around the perimeter would keep me out, especially if they were on a government looking type of fence or tape.

  7. Dare Tuitt

    I would cross the road with “official” looking barrier tape with an equally official looking bio hazard danger sign stating this area is under government enforcement jurisdiction, and to stay away.

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