Conflicted: Patriots or Radicals – What Would You Do?

Conflicted: BEFORE the SHTF!


Conflicted is a Survival Card Game.  Each card in the deck has a scenario that will stretch how you would respond in an SHTF situation.  What would you do?  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

SCENARIO – The government collapsed and everyone has been on their own for months.  Out of nowhere 6 men wearing UN uniforms appear at your door, saying that they are with the government, and that they need your ammo and supplies along with everyone else’s in order to help reestablish order.  You and your family must comply or be counted as anti-government radicals.  Would you enlist and donate all you have to the new government and be counted as a patriot or would you be labeled as terrorist and fight them off if you could?

Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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12 thoughts on “Conflicted: Patriots or Radicals – What Would You Do?

  1. Dare

    I would never accept the UN “restoring order” because it would mean enslavement. And their stated first act against myself and those with me is to take our goods “to restore order!” The only restoration of order acceptable to me and mine would be an ever-increasing community of people who adhere to Christian values, who share what they have voluntarily and who are committed to protecting their families without godless state intrusion. The UN stands polar opposite of all that I cherish. These men would never have got as far as my front door.

  2. JoEllen

    First of all if the government has collapsed, where did the UN come from? How do I know if they are genuine or individuals just trying to build up their own resources. No way to verify who they are…No I would not comply. Nor would I engage in dialogue with them. If 6 of them show up demanding my resources I would view them as vigilantes.

  3. Drake Savage

    Doubtful they could get to my front door without being observed for some time. But for this exercise, let’s say it happened. The U.N. does not represent the government. We would attempt to capture alive , so they could be questioned. Then they would die. Their uniformed bodies would be taken (dragged by horse) to the nearest main road, to be put on display. Hopefully this would send a clear message to their superiors.

  4. fifth_disciple

    My action would depend on how they presented themselves. Any UN troops on our soil would be foreigners. It is unlikely that they would arrive unarmed, real or not. If their uniforms are clean and they are well groomed it would add to their credibility. If they were armed I would politely disarm them and explain the risk they posed to our group then detain them (my plans include a “jail” for just such possibilities). After an appropriate period of observation they would be offered the opportunity to work if they appeared trustworthy.

    If they appeared to be imposters they would be shot on the spot and their bodies displayed on poles in the surrounding area to let intruders know what awaits them.

  5. Hog Jowl Homestead

    Hand it over, then let them leave. Grab my cache and wait till there a few miles down the road and start picking them off. 6 men at the door and its to late. So might as well live through it and take advantage of the situation. Ideally you’d follow them till a house resisted and shoot them in the back while there distracted just like they deserve.

  6. grayfox114

    Much food for thought here, and a few options for the oppressed!

    Many years ago there was a publication/pamphlet called the Resister. It was published by the

    Underground Special Forces from Ft Bragg, NC. 9 If you’ve never read it or heard of it, try to

    find back issues and prepare to get educated!)One of their articles dealt with a scenario

    just like this, involving US forces. It was their considered opinion that in a civilian vs military

    altercation, civilians are GOING TO LOSE! I believed this then and I believe it now!

    Going head to head with “trained” troops is going to be counter productive!

    In the event that UN troops show up at your door, it is foolish to believe that:

    1) They are the only six operating in a neighbor hood or an area

    2) They don’t have personal weapons and additional security

    3) The vehicle they are in(they’re not going to be on foot) doesn’t have additional security,

    aka, machine guns.

    4) They don’t have contact with their base or headquarters.

    For these reasons, and you should be prepared for this in advance, you need to have

    “something” to give them that will satisfy their demands and let them leave. If they aren’t

    satisfied and demand to enter and search, we have a different kettle of fish. This is truly a

    case where their actions dictate yours!

    As to some of the above comments: You don’t want to engage even semi trained troops in a

    fire fight on your front lawn, regardless of how much you hate them! If you choose to engage

    them, let them leave and do it from long range!!! Don’t make your house or retreat the focal

    point of a reactive force, and there will be one if “Lahti, Ezekeiel, Fred and Tomas” don’t show

    up for dinner! As for the possibility of politely disarming them, I think it’s just that, a possibility,

    albeit a slim one!It the troops are engaged from a distance, and they are not sure from where

    the threat originates, it is unlikely they will attempt to occupy an entire neighborhood,

    at least initially, which will give time to make other plans and formulate defensive actions!

    There is one absolute certainty in this scenario: If for whatever reason you are branded as an

    anti social terrorist type, THEY WILL BE BACK and they won’t be nice and they’re going

    to take more than just some items when they leave!

  7. d

    in the days of the (UN)civil war when the officers and such came into the area of the Midwest called Missouri they were met with cheers…then the local men and boys signed up to fight in what ever …northern or southern …army that was there at that time….they took the $50.00 gold sign up fee . they practiced learning to march and salute then on the day when they were to ‘move out’ many were curiously absent for that maneuver…many of those ‘clodhopper’ farmers …just waited till the army was out of range, then they came out and resumed farming…

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