Conflicted: Renting When the EMP Hits – What Would You Do?

Conflicted: BEFORE the SHTF!


Conflicted is a Survival Card Game.  Each card in the deck has a scenario that will stretch how you would respond in an SHTF situation.  What would you do?  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!


SCENARIO – You are behind on rent and now that the Electromagnetic Pulse went off and the banks aren’t open, your landlord came trying to collect.  He said either pay up in cash or in goods, or he will evict your family and put them on the street in 3 days with the help of his armed security guards.

You were not prepared to bug out at all, and your landlord said if in 3 days you don’t have payment, he will bring armed men to take you out of the house, but right now he is standing in front of you, alone.  How would you handle this situation?

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21 thoughts on “Conflicted: Renting When the EMP Hits – What Would You Do?

  1. Phred

    Your first mistake was not being prepared. Not having some kind of plan. Killing him is not an option. When SHTF, we must keep our humanity. Besides, any kind of armed conflict should always be avoided if possible. In any armed conflict there is always the chance you will be the one injured or killed. Even if you eliminated him, his security people would come back and take his place. Time to go. Good luck.

  2. Heartless

    If an EMP did hit it is highly unlikely, unless the particular property and dwelling has some intrinsic feature that makes it a post-SHTF safe place, that it is worth staying on. Surely there are other locations available. The move to any other is the difficulty, along with the possessions you would intend to take. As the question states the property in question is a ‘house’, again – location dictates any response (suburban, city, rural). What is it that makes that place so special the landlord would risk not only his life but the lives of his ‘armed’ allies? Too, you should know a bit about him from past business with him. These ‘allies’/armed men of his – is the mention/likelihood possible in the first place based on what you know of the guy? Bottom line is simple – your life and the items you need are your’s. The property is not. Lawlessness begins with such decisions. As does the ability to survive. Me? I’d just take the 3 days to clear out and find a better and initially non-confrontational location to set up in. Even perhaps to study and check out the landlord’s plans and possible need for additional armed support.

  3. Cris Wentz

    A bit of a stretch for real life….a landlord with armed guards that quickly? Being so unreasonable as to ask for cash when he knows all banks are closed..? But to play along…three days is tight but doable, with all working together. Unless there is something intrinsically valuable about your house and land that makes the landlord want it, offer him the deal of people he knows, taking care of his house when he can’t get there to check onit. He probably has someone he wants to put there already, hence the thugd, but you don’t lose anything to offer….sweeten the deal with your knowledge and example of your gardens or similar skill, that you could provide in lieu of cash. If accepted, that buys you time to get out- who wants a baby warlord as a landlord?…or it lets you stay in a place with obvious protection. That’s your call.

  4. Kregg

    Simple, since I’m not prepared, I’d panic and either attack the landlord then, possibly killing him, or sit around for 3 days in my self-pity and get evicted and probably be dead within the week.

  5. lonewolf.

    I rent and I am not behind with the rent, why should anyone else be?
    if they are, then its time to move on, SHTF or no SHTF.

    1. jake

      Right! You already can’t afford the place. And he knows if you are such a bum as to not keep up on your rent in normal times that you don’t have enough morality to do even that simple thing. Pack it and move. He is being gracious to give you three days. And do you think he is standing there without his edc? And he already has a plan to put someone there that will contribute to the saftey security and financial situation. Having homes near us where this situation could be real. I have thought about this….

  6. Paul Gray

    Mr. Macho’s answer?
    Knife the little shite and leave him on the side walk as just another grid down, no lights, rule of law in meltdown, victim.

    Mr. Sensible?
    You owe him money, he’s given you three days and a threat.

    Pack up and ship out

    BUT first take the white goods, kitchen sink, cooker, bed, any copper you can find, the AC, and the toilet down to the reclamation yard selling it for for what is offered.

    After all it might be enough to buy a clunker of a car (the older the better) to drive off into the sunset.

    No violence, and payback by remote.

    1. jake

      You owe him money. And you think it is okay to steal more from him? Thinking like this is part of the problem with this country.

  7. Illini Warrior

    ???? – couldn’t do that during normal times – he’s presenting himself as nothing but a WROL raider by bringing armed thugs ….

  8. Eric C

    This scenario would not apply to me. I am and for the past 15 or20 yrs have always been prepared. But for a mental exercise: being totally unprepared I would probably feel desperate, confused. I’d want him to leave to buy some time, I’d reassure him in three days I’d take care of things. After he left I would use whatever resources I could find or take, when they returned, ambush and eliminate the problems, take there resources and if I knew where my landlord was living my people and I would attack, overcome and aquire. But as I stated this is not a situation I would ever find myself in. Being prepped allows me other options than fight or flight.

  9. Dusty

    For entertainment this game is okay but for prepping it is not. The time wasted could be put to better use learning new skills, earning money, spending it wisely and staying out of debt. If you do this financial situations do not occur.

    For the last thirty years my income ranged 6,000 and 11,000 dollars US a year. In spite of that i own my home which I built free and clear, have enough food for years and many skills which I barter. I don’t have any guns but have built a defence system that can be activated in minutes if needed if SHTF. Looters will activate the traps and never see me. You can fight like a tiger or hide like a rabbit. Tigers are almost extinct but there is no shortage of rabbits.

    Anyone can achieve this if they think outside the box. To make small changes, change what you do. To make big changes change the way you see things. the only one stopping you is you.

  10. SBD

    Realistically how much damage has occurred from the EMP? Did the landlord show up in a vehicle? If vehicles were compromised, how in the world are you going to move your stuff? If any semblance of law is still in place then you should know that an eviction process is exactly that, a process. If I am told to be out if I don’t cough up my goods or preps or ‘money’ in a three day window then I have to come to the conclusion that there is another motive in place.

    The reason I conclude that there are other motives behind this demand is if you cannot feasibly move or pay up then your landlord knows that he/she is going to take you out and gain a fully furnished and or supplied house-hold at gunpoint.
    I would take the threat of confiscation of your shelter and goods extremely seriously and plan for a worst case scenario, ie: armed conflict.
    The first thing I would do is to try to reason with this landlord first, the residence is being looked after and cared for, your interests are secured.
    I would use the 3 days fully understanding that in all likelihood the intent of this landlord is to bleed you dry anyway and then toss you out anyway. Plan accordingly for the eventual outcome because if you agree to ‘pay’ with your preps and supplies, once they are gone you are back to square 1 with the threat of goons with guns. Keep in mind that if this landlord is threatening you outside the legal processes for eviction then you are dealing with a situation that is going to be bad regardless.
    You need to decide who it is going to be bad for and plan accordingly. Just remember that having all the cash in the world will mean nothing to this landlord and the demand for alternative payment ie: your goods will be made sooner rather than later.
    Knowing that I was just given an ultimatum that is illegal, immoral and next to impossible to accommodate I am inclined to think that I would not let the landlord leave the front step alive if there is an outright rejection of my proposal upon the initial visit.
    The colder, tactical side of me would make that happen in the 3 days given. Out of sight, and out of mind. I would not want to bring any undue attention to me or my family by acting out irrationally, especially in front of neighbors. happen

  11. Major Dad

    I currently own my own home and rent out a house to others, so I am the landlord that everyone seems to want to knife, kill, etc.

    I am retired and use the rent from the house to live on (along with some other income as well). So looking at it from a landlord’s point of view, if the person is behind in their rent, then the landlord may have someone lined up to move into the property who will pay at least something to the rightful owner.

    Now I am retired military, have been prepping for years, live on five acres with my own lake, and am fairly well prepared. If the renter was a good one ( have had some who are not) –
    that is, someone who takes care of the property and fulfills their obligations to pay the amount they agreed to at the time they have agreed to pay, then there should be no problem with them staying in the house

    I have had several family rent my house over the past 20+ years. Most of them have been great and we have worked together well. However, as of right now, my current renter has only paid on time four times in the past 12 months, usually paying as little as possible each time. I have gone to court to try to evict but have not been successful as of yet because they claim to be ‘disabled.’

    So, if someone is not honoring the written contract they signed prior to TSHTF – what would I expect them to do after it hit the fan? Most likely, after TSHTF it would mean the total loss of the house to a ‘squatter’ who would be basically (at least in my opinion) not any better than a raider who comes to your house to take the supplies you have set aside. I worked hard and paid for that house. Now why should I let someone take it for free?

    I would try to evict the “squatter” who is basically stealing from me, and replace them with someone who would try at least to honor the fact that it is MY house they are staying in – and would try to pay me something for that fact that I am providing them shelter during the ‘storm.

    I think in the game, it was said they were given 3 days to evict. Depending of the situation (i.e. are they paid up, have they honored their agreements in the lease) – eviction would be either unreasonable, but if they had not honored their contractual agreements – 3 days could be about right since they have already broken their agreement and refused to move out when they violated their contract.

    Not every landlord is unreasonable – but almost every landlord has been ‘burned’ by tenants who have not honored their agreements to pay or keep up the property that they rent.

    I present this as an alternative view from what I have read above.

    I also say that for those who would want to kill me for trying to protect and preserve what is rightfully mine – then you too are one of the raiders who wish only to pray upon those who prepared better than you.

    Major Day

  12. Major Dad

    Correction of “Major Dad” post

    I did not fully proof read my post prior to sending. In paragraph 4 I should have said I have had “several families” not family rent from me.

    Also, lest I be accused of being coldhearted toward the ‘disabled’ – my renters seem to draw enough money from their SSI, welfare, charity, etc. to have all kinds of parties and other events which have drawn neighborhood complaints and public disturbances. They can afford booze and drugs but cannot afford to pay their rent.

    I would not evict someone who was a good tenant, and in fact, would try to work with them to help them survive and thus help preserve my interests in the house and their family. I believe preppers need to work together. It is the people who feel everyone ‘owes’ them something, even though they did nothing to earn it, that gets my ire up.

    Major Dad

    1. jake

      I agree wholeheartedly with major dad as I am also the guy who was wise enough to prep with multiple houses providing good homes.

  13. Ace of Spades

    If you have renters, Let them stay, if they are cool. If your tenants are bad, consider options. Can tenants be utilized to some advantage? If not, then give them a time limit to be out. the Avoid conflict if at all possible. Perhaps I can exchange labor for rent, maintaining my landlord’s other properties. If landlord is so insistent he be paid cash, and cash is unavailable, that is a bad landlord, and I do not wish to remain at this residence. Move to Mom’s house, pitch a tent in the backyard, and make plans to bug out somewhere. Hopefully the snow melts before I have to leave.

  14. noah

    In this scenario I would probably be the landlord. SHTF we are hoping some relatives can make it to our area, so we would need more space. Our close by units are, standing alone nothing special for post collapse, but could provide space for desired relatives, with the potential for development using resources at home. I have pre-printed maps to water sources & other resources to distribute to encourage some folks to leave.

  15. SteveC

    Don’t rent anymore but after reading this I will have to buy an old truck to run on a wood gassifier just to stab a jewish former landlord before his current renters get to it.

  16. RM

    I am amused by the prissy comments from the religious crowd. No “religious” person is going to refrain from doing what’s necessary to survive. The need for food and shelter will trump the dictates of the invisible daddy floating in the sky. The obvious answer is to dispose of the landlord who was dumb enough to come alone to your home and threaten you.

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