Conflicted: Saving Your Neighbors – What Would You Do?

The game BEFORE the SHTF!


Conflicted is a Survival Card Game.  Each card in the deck has a scenario that will stretch how you would respond in an SHTF situation.  What would you do?  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

SCENARIO – You see a large mob breaking into your neighbor’s house, you know he is there with his wife and children.  You have about two dozen bullets, roughly one for each mob member.  You are the only person capable of defending your own family.  The mob passed your house and didn’t notice you all at all.

Would you step out of the shadows and risk your own life to help your neighbor or would you stay safe and protect your own family? Why?

Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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17 thoughts on “Conflicted: Saving Your Neighbors – What Would You Do?

  1. Dare Tuitt

    I would watch and wait to see if my neighbor is attacked. For all I know, they may investigate a little and then move on. I owe my neighbor to come to his defense, because as a Christian, I am exhorted to love my neighbor as myself.

    1. Novice

      I don’t think there is a Christian obligation to put your family at risk by taking on a mob with limited ammo. Jesus said in Luke 3:11 “He answereth and saith unto them, He that hath two coats, let him impart to him that hath none; and he that hath meat, let him do likewise.”

      Notice that he didn’t say if you have one coat take it off and give it your neighbor leaving yourself to freeze. Nor did he say to take your families coats and give them to strangers. The idea is using what you have to help others, not committing yourself to a lost cause.

  2. Grampa

    we must remember that we are safer with numbers. the thing needed is communication and the ability to defend. with a proper signal taking fire from two directions forces the assault to stop and now defend. the insecurity of not knowing the threat is your advantage. it becomes easy to see who is giving directions. rarely is the ones who are leaders in front. careful aim to take out a leader will cause confusion. with fire coming from two directions and hopeful the death of a leader and a few of the people at the front which are usually the more aggressive will scatter the ones who want an easy mark. then is the time to set up and control the next assault without surprise they dont have the advantage. things like this is what needs to be disguised before it happens. unless the neigherbor is a complete asshole and wouldnt defend anyone else the choice should be clear. shoot first and ask questions later.

  3. Drake Savage

    Yes, I would go help my neighbor. If I do not the looters are still in the area, and thus a threat to me and my family. Also I want to deny the enemy the resources at my neighbor’s house. After they eat his food, drink his liquor, and have their way with his women, they will probably come at me rested and fed. With only one bullet for each bad guy, I’ll probably say a prayer to God that my aim be fast and true.

  4. lonewolf.

    if they pass by my house I would do nothing, there is no one else to help my family, if I am killed or badly injured helping my neighbour who will look after my family?
    my first and only DUTY is to my family, to make sure they survive.

  5. Reginald

    I would take out a visible member of the mob but not from my house. I would not want them to know where the round came from. I wouldn’t fire a second shot if needed until I had changed locations. Having a limited supply of ammunition is not a scenario I would encounter.

  6. Dean

    I would help my neighbor. His house being surrounded gives me ample opportunity, 1) they are distracted. 2) They will expect reistance but not from behind that gives me time to line up succesive shots. 3) No one wants a hard target, i am betting my life i can shoot 5 rounds and they will disperse.

    I do train regularly with my rifle’s. I know the layout of my neighbors house. The Yardage and his armament. Once said mob has fled and we realize what idiots we are for not combining forces we gather our family’s together.

    I cannot raise my boys and continue to be a husband and shepherd of the Lord and watch my neighbor die.

  7. benjammin

    I’d like to say it depends on how well I know my neighbor, but that is not the point. Really, it is how well he knows me. You see, in order to save his hide, he may rat me out to the looters if I don’t step up and do something. Since he is a known element, and the looters are not, it only makes sense then that I should do what I can to help him and deter the looters. After all, they do not know how well armed I am, so there’s that in my favor, and if I help save the neighbor and his family, he may be in a good position to do in like for me sometime.

    More to the point, my neighborhood is a community, or should be. In SHTF situations, we ought to reach out to one another and become a reliable network to deal with events such as this. If we don’t foster those relationships at present, pre SHTF, then we can at least try to come together asap after it starts. I realize not everyone in the neighborhood is a good prepper and warrior ready like myself, but there is certainly some things we can and should do for our mutual interests.

    In Baghdad in 2005, I witnessed firsthand how neighborhoods avoiding marauding groups simply by being armed, showing a viable defensible presence to the outside, and having each others’ backs. The bad guys would pick out individual homes and overwhelm them regardless how well they were armed, but would not take on neighborhoods that were even marginally armed but coordinated and working together. Over there, extended families reside together in one neighborhood quite a bit, so alliances and mutual interests were far more common than here. That is what kept those neighborhoods viable in a war zone. Maybe it is worth having a “block party” out on the front lawn once in a while and invite all the neighbors together. You might be surprised to discover just how well equipped the neighborhood really is.

  8. Sam

    My neighbors are an integral part of my survival plan. We live out of town. I would come to his aid without hesitation–as he would for me.

    1. Dean

      Agreed, living out of town myself with very few neighbors we allready know eachother. I have no wants to be the only family around.

  9. Novice

    Read the scenario carefully. You are going into a situation where you KNOW you are out manned with only ONE shot per looter. I don’t know anyone who’s that good with a gun. This is not an issue of “assisting your neighbor”, it is a suicide mission. Unless you have a plan for a covered retreat when your ammo runs out you just gave up your life to pick off a few thugs.

    Yes, you can HOPE that just a show of force is enough to send the vermin scrambling but, if it’s not, you just gambled with your life and lost.

  10. Tony Moore

    Yes I would help the neighbor why for evil to flourish all it takes is for good men to do nothing plus I hate assholes that do crap like that and as a Marine I could not do nothing it is not honorable

  11. Son of Liberty

    Take out the marauders from the side, or a 45 degree angle – never from directly behind. That would mean you are in your neighbor’s line of fire.

    That all needs to be worked out with the neighbor as soon as the SHTF or before, not wait until bad things happen like this after it does.

    Blessings on each of us.

    Son of Liberty

  12. Emerson

    First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

  13. Heartless

    So many questions to consider. First off – my ammo – of what type, rifle or handgun? That makes a world of difference in terms of accuracy and range. What are the bad guys/the mob armed with? Before getting into any fight, I need to know the odds. Whereas my instinct would be to help my neighbor, unfortunately I agree with the responder who voiced the number one thought… “how well do I know my neighbor (and he … me)”. It is all well and good to do the right thing; but, to be able to do so but once and die versus not stepping up and living? Add in my own family as the question specifically infers that I have to protect? A whole series of steps would need to be undertaken. Getting my own family to some safe point before I went rushing into a battle next door, moving to the best vantage point to attack the mob from, an escape route or fighting retreat path for myself… all boils down to logistics and spur of the moment decisions. Yes, I’d help if at all possible. Yes, I think all neighbors and neighborhoods should band/bond together in a scenario where outside (or for that matter, internal viciousness could arise …. another question immediately should be to see if any of the mob are from my own neighborhood!!). In short, this question begs the whole problem with how we’d react in the ‘if it happens’ world of no law, civil unrest and banditry. Best course should anyone jump in to help would be go after the most heavily armed opponent(s) and the leadership of the mob and do so as unseen and with the most limited retaliation and my own origin being discovered possible.

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