Conflicted: Shoot First or Hold Your Fire – What Would You Do?

Conflicted Survival Game:



Conflicted is a Survival Game.  Each card in the deck has a scenario that will stretch how you would respond in an SHTF situation.  What would you do?  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!


SCENARIO – You see a wave of men in orange inmate suits walking down the street towards your home.  They have pipes and makeshift clubs in their hands but they do not seem to be breaking into any homes or bothering anyone.

At this distance, you could take most of them out with your AR-10, but once they get close you will be overwhelmed if they try to jump you. Do you take the chance and let them pass or do you start shooting people who have done nothing to you? Why?


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Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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15 thoughts on “Conflicted: Shoot First or Hold Your Fire – What Would You Do?

  1. Ace

    Legally you cannot pre-emptively strike them with no provocation. You should do as D. Smith recommends. Alert, watch, and wait. They might be escapees, and they might be the litter detail carrying defense against wild dogs (especially pitbulls.)
    Why draw notice to yourself unnecessarily?

    The golden rule applies – if you were walking down the street with a stock you just picked up,
    and minding your own business, would you want everyone to fire on you because they are afraid of what’s in your hand regardless of your intent or lack of threatening actions?

  2. JD

    You take them all out. Convicts are scum and in a group without rule of law, they would rape and pillage. Until their heads exploded with 175 gr SMK. If you were low key enough that they had gone past your location. They could always be a problem later. Take them out when the gettin is good.

  3. D. Smith

    First things first, I would notify others in my house of the situation and have each arm themselves with rifles and man their defensive positions. I would not fire on the group. Why give notice of where I am or my armament? I would add an extra AR-15 and ammo to my own firepower. Next is to notify neighbors/neighborhood watch to do the same as I am. If no action is needed the orange suits may freely pass on. If they attempt any attack of any kind then lethal cross fire is all they can expect.

  4. Max Stotto

    What is their objective? If they have already armed themselves with rudimentary weapons one must assume that the focus is on some higher objective other than the ordinary householder, an armory or gun-shop perhaps with your local knowledge of the area their destination could be assessed and anticipated and if deemed necessary halted while you still have the advantage of surprise and superior firepower. “Kick the Hornets Nest” or perhaps later be consumed by a deadly and more lethal swarm??

  5. Just me

    We have talked before about how many military and police along with other folks who will be more interested in taking care of their own family’s than performing their duty’s. Why should we think of inmates wanting anything different? Not all prisoners are a threat . If they aren’t creating problems why just gun them down? They could likely just be wanting to get to their family.

  6. strych9

    Well, it depends.

    If we’re assuming this is post SHTF then there is no law and preemptive measures are… safer in the long run for a variety of reasons. Sorry, that’s just the way it is. The world gets cold and brutal when society is gone and if you want to live you better harden up and start acting in a way commensurate with the new reality.

    If it’s not post SHTF then there is law and they should probably be left alone but watched carefully.

  7. Heartless

    To all who answered to the effect of “take them out” – you miss two points in the question. 1. it specifically says says, “At this distance, you could take most of them out…”. Oh really? Seems to me that the very first shot might hit one of them; but, I seriously doubt men who have survived prison, the collapse of the security there, the trek to the point they are now at… are going to stand there like light-struck deer. Worse, ‘most’ is not all. You’ll be creating a battle you will not win. 2. the question also states, “You see a wave of men ..” . A ‘wave’ huh? Nice round number that. Sounds like more’n just a pack or a gang. C’mon cowboys and oh-so tough braggarts, how many anything alive and moving do you think you can sight in on and hit effectively? Give me a break. Answers by people who’ve not experienced a real fire-fight. Best bet is to lay low. Stick to cover. And only if you find you have to shoot, do so in a hit-n-run fashion, get help if you can, and don’t be seen.

    1. Novice

      I really hope that logical responses like yours rule the day if the worst ever comes. I’ve stated many times that a fight should be our last response after every attempt to avoid it has been made. Keep your head low and your eyes open and you will live a lot longer.

  8. FLAPrepper1

    Do not shoot. Pull a grey man. Why start a shit storm? Even if you leave no one alive, the noise you make will tell anyone nearby that you have “the good stuff”. Why not paint a big ass bullseye on the side of our house afterwards.

  9. strych9

    Silencers. Get ’em now or steal them later but silencers.

    I’m not going to get into a big argument/discussion about their effectiveness but if used at the right range all people will hear is the sonic crack of the bullet which moves too fast for our brain to discern the direction the shot came from. Out past 100 yards a 5.56 rifle is going to be darn hard to find the location of if the shooter is using a proper silencers.

  10. Ancestor Lady

    1] I would first think about the people in the group and discern whether they really are escaped convicts and not some kind of public service workers that lost their truck and are trying to get back to the office or home. I know my community and the people who are in the COUNTY JAIL wear one kind of uniform. The prisoners in the federal penitentiary in our city wear another. If they are jail escapees, they probably are a mixed lot of people and may actually have the potential to be more dangerous, but they are the only ones who could be walking home because they are local. The ones in the federal penitentiary are from all over the United States and not necessarily from around here. They are going to need food, shelter, and water. But most federal crimes that don’t involve violence. So these people might actually be the white collar felons who wouldn’t step on a bug. Still, they are in a desperate predicament. 2] The longer you watch them, it may become apparent that they are behaving aggressively or they are looking around furtively like they are afraid. Their group behavior would also help me decide what to do. 3] If I am the person in charge in the household, I would assess the size of our group and their abilities with their weapons. If we needed to take them out based on behavior and uniform, and we could because we are a big enough household or we are that good with weapons, then we would take them out. I don’t see leaving a rattlesnake in your flower bed so he can bite you another day. If we are a small household or not everyone is used to firearms, then we would let them walk by.

  11. Paul Gray

    I’m assuming 911 isn’t an option.
    If it was you’d just evac and let the LEO’s do their thing.

    SOOO if 911 or any ‘official help’ isn’t forthcoming

    One against many dictates your actions.
    You’ve already mentioned “Distance is king in combat” and a long gun gives you distance BUT at a price. You can still only engage one target at a time.

    Thus if you are good enough to cope with a group that will probably scatter, fire away.

    If you have a doubt (especially with no backup).
    Evac out the back door.

    As for the ‘what if’ thinkers? Indecision will get killed.

    Survival is about you and your own.

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