Do Preppers Know the Future of Medicine? 5 Ways to Prepare Now!

Medicine1In the context of preparedness, there are a lot of topics that come and go.  I have seen a few trends and have researched topics that are important to me at various times in my journey.  But one topic has been important to me since the beginning, the topic of health and medical preparedness.  I feel it is easy (or easier) to learn about building shelters, starting fires, purifying water, etc…  But for most of the world who lives outside of preparedness and many of us who are becoming more prepared,  health and medical preparedness is something that is a little scary.  The main reason that health and medical preparedness is scary, outside of obtaining gear and meds is that we have grown up with the ability to go to the doctor whenever we are sick.  We have come to the belief that since doctors have all this “education” and “knowledge” that they know exactly what we need when we are sick.

So, preparing can seem a little daunting if we don’t have a medical professional in our midst.  I mean, you can purchase all the gear and meds you want on Amazon.  But if you don’t have someone who has the “knowledge” of how to take care of you, what are you going to do?

Not too long ago in our history, we didn’t have modern medicine, hospitals, specialized doctors, etc…  Many ailments and sicknesses were taken care of at home or someone in the town/village knew how to help.  People learned what to “look-for” and prepared home remedies and used common sense to help their loved ones get better.  Today, we run to the doctor for every little sniffle and get antibiotics, even when we don’t really need them.  We’ve lost that “common sense” and the “look-fors” and most importantly, those home remedies.  It’s time to get it back!

A lot of medical preparedness is based on a SHTF scenario.  The idea is that you are caught out in the middle of nowhere and someone needs medical attention OR the Poop has really Hit the Fan and you are now MadMax.  But I feel that with our current medical situation; the AFFORDable CARE Act coupled with the economy and what people can really AFFORD, that more and more people are going to think twice about going to the doctor and are going to become more interested in home remedies and that “common sense” that is not so common.

So what can a prepper do to obtain this “knowledge” to help others feel better when they are sick?  I’m not a medical professional, so you have to measure what I say against what you feel is best for you and your family.  But this is what I’m doing…

Read Articles/Visit Websites on Medical Preparedness

I believe that the second preparedness website that I ever visited was Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy’s Doom and Bloom website.  I feel I have learned a lot from their material (see more below).  I can also say that I have spent time with them and they are legit, not out to make a buck!

But I also read articles and watch videos from others in the medical preparedness niche.  As a result, some of the biggest tags at Prepper Website are the medical and health tags.  You will find pages and pages of medical preparedness related articles there.  You know that if you visit a link from PW, that it is coming from a preparedness website and not a random site on Google.

Stock Up on Medical Supplies

Supplies will run out.  But while you can, it is prudent to stock up on supplies.  There have been many articles on stocking up at dollar stores.  I have purchased some things from dollar stores.  But for me, Amazon is my friend.  I think you need to be strategic and make smart purchases.  So you should also look for sales.

I do have one of the big medical kits from Doom and Bloom.  A friend of mine who is a nurse at a hospital was very impressed with the kit.  I have also made my own smaller kit to take with me, which is much easier to carry than the big medical kit.  But you shouldn’t be satisfied with just a few medical kits.  Here is an article with medical kit supply inventory lists that can help point you in the right direction.

Acquire Medical Books

I know I’m the biggest Doom & Bloom fanboy here, but you need to get their Medical Survival book.  It is a must!  Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy write for when the SHTF.  Many others give advice and then say, “seek medical assistance.”  But one of the reasons we are interested in medical preparedness is for when there isn’t any medical assistance.

I have also picked up books at Half Price Books.  Most of the ones I purchased where in the clearance section and were purchased for just a few bucks!

You can also find FREE books online.  For example, Where There is No Doctor and Where There is No Dentist are free downloads, if you take the time to download the individual chapters.  If you have a tablet or a laptop with the Amazon Kindle App, you can find free books to download.  Gaye Levy, over at Backdoor Survival, usually posts about FREE Kindle books on her Facebook page.  Another Facebook page that shares FREE Kindle books is Preparing for SHTF.

Learn About & Use Herbs

Before there was modern medicine, the world used natural herbs.  It is pretty amazing when you start to research the healing properties of many of the things we only use to cook with.  If you think about it, most medicine is a derivative of something found in nature, which means you can grow a lot of what you need yourself.

Echinacea – Photo by: Manuel Martín Vicente

When my throat starts feeling soar, I start taking a honey, lemon and garlic mix.  Recently, when I started to feel run down, I remembered a Hot Echinacea Tincture that I purchased online from Frugally Sustainable.  This stuff is HOT!  So I couldn’t take it straight.  But I mixed two droppers in a cup of Chamomile tea and honey.  I drank the tea and tincture in the morning, at work and in the evening.  I also used some essential oil on my feet at night and after two days, I was a lot better!  I’ve made the tea and tincture for others, but it is hard for them to truly believe that it works.  It does!  And now that I’m a little more familiar with herbs and etc… I can make it myself.

Making tinctures and using natural remedies isn’t that hard.  You just have to do it.  One of my favorite websites for herbal remedies is the Herbal Survivalist.  Nick has recently started doing videos, so you can see him prepare these natural remedies in real time.  This takes some of the mystery away from using herbs as you see for yourself how easy it is to make tinctures, salves, etc…

I have also recently found an ebook that looks very promising.  Surviving with Nature by Melissa Bull has over 1200 alternative remedies for 79 ailments.  At this time, the ebook is very affordable.  I spoke a little about it in one of my sermons not too long ago.

But my tablet is full with many other ebooks on natural remedies, many of them free.  If you want to research herbs and natural remedies, you can check out these TAGS on Prepper Website: herbs, herbal and natural remedies.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are finite.  Just like medical supplies, they will run out.  But a little goes a long way and they are easy to store!  Again, it’s hard to believe that a little oil rubbed on your body is going to make a difference.  But I’ve become a believer!  My wife suffers from headaches, so she has been using Peppermint EO on her forehead and on the back of her neck.  I have also used EO’s when I wasn’t feeling well.  I used Thieves, a germ fighter EO on my feet and put on some clean socks before I went to bed.    I’ve started to do it with my kids too.

As I’ve researched EO’s, I’ve decided to become an affiliate with Spark Naturals.  I rarely work with affiliates because they are a hassle.  But this is something I believe in.  I hope to share my experiences here and on Your Preparedness Story the more I learn about EO’s.

If you are interested in purchasing Essential Oils, you can get 10% off Spark Natural EO’s by using the coupon code: prepperwebsite at checkout.


As I mentioned, I believe that common sense medicine is going to become more and more relevant in our near and distant future.  Those of us who are learning and practicing ancient/common sense or whatever you want to call it medicine, might be in a great position to help others in need.  This just might be the future of medicine.

What do you think?

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